Icecream Anyone? Creamy Magic Or Melted Disaster…

Tempting but not the real thing...sori tumas

This was an advert in a shop selling kitchenware in Cairns, Australia. I was captivated with the idea and the presentation. Simple yet alluring and soooooo tempting! I remembered a joke about a passenger on a PX flight who drank the coffee and ate the cup as well! If that person were to see this, nevermind…

Port Moresby may be known to be somewhat not representative of the rest of Papua New Guinea for many reasons, some of which are not the intention of this post. Nonetheless the city does have a quirky character of its own when it comes to food. Mind you, it is not a candidate for great cuisine at world standards or a gourmet’s paradise by any stretch of the imagination but it has somethings which surprise me. Like the fact that it doesn’t matter where you have a meal there is bound to be icecreamvanilla icecream!

Some eateries serve icecream like its an afterthought and usually one can tell if this is the case. The person serving you could be saying stop wasting my time, why don’t you order something exciting from the limited range of cakes. Limited being the operative word of course. But there are places where presentation alone keeps your tongue hanging out (discretely of course). One is almost afraid to bulldoze the beautiful and delicate creamy structure under one’s nose. 

Here are a couple of beauties I captured on my kai haus wokabaut in POM city. No not in one night! On several occasions at different places around this city by the sea…

Vanilla with a choc topping...

I think every place in Port Moresby has plain vanilla icecream always in stock.

Plain icecream...I think almost anyone's favourite any day

Served with tropical fruits is too delicious for words. A friend had this for dessert the other evening. I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this wonderful pot pourri of icecream and cream perched on a bed of tropical fruits. Almost too pretty to eat!

Hmmm...heaven on a plate!

Another creamy creation too delicious to put a spoon through…but I dug in with much delight last Thursday evening. It complemented and completed my dinner. Well, after that I couldn’t eat anymore! We just have to forget the waistline sometimes. Well, I do melt infront of such delicious-ness, like this bowl of icecream.

Lychees with scoops of vanilla icecream...

This next one has to be the  pièce de résistance…without a doubt!

The scoops of icecream piled on top of a glass boat of tropical fruit was a sight to behold…icecream-wise. A colleague had this last Thursday evening. True to myself I took a photo of this beautiful creamy creation.

A 'boat' of happiness...yeaaaaaaaah

I couldn’t help muttering to myself as I write this post, “I scream, you scream, we all scream for icecream” – don’t know who coined that but it seems so apt for this post and I could not resist quoting it here. I went searching around the net and guess what I found this video on Youtube: a song about icecream. Harim and see  what you think of it. I think it is fun to have a jazz band playing such a simple but lovely melody about icecream.

You can read about the history of icecream here – how icecream was ‘discovered’ and developed over the years. There’s more information on icecream on this website.