The Yellow Tree

Without a yellow bird...


This tree is so attractive and the colour of its leaves at Fall turned such a bright yellow! I called it the yellow tree. During the Fall 2009 I walked past it day in and day out. I noticed it only when it turned all yellow. It fascinated me so much so that I took a photo of it.   

It was only yesterday evening when I walked past the tree that I noticed this little plaque under it. I still don’t know what tree this is. I still haven’t found out it’s name.   

The plaque on the ground for the yellow tree...


The Westminster Tree Trust was established in 1982 as a charity organization committed to investing funds towards beautifying the physical environment of the Westminster area. They are involved in raising funds towards tree planting, shrubbery etc.   

The lesson of the yellow tree for me is that sometimes one walks past a thing or person of beauty without having a healthy sense of curiosity. It’s only when you stop and take a good look at the thing or person that you begin to discover the beauty and goodness in that thing or person.

Spring’s Kinda Slow This Year

It was a great sunny day yesterday so a friend and I went for a lunchtime walk at Green Park. Green Park is surrounded by some historic buildings and roads. These are some shots from that walk. Green Park is situated near Buckingham Palace, Green Park Tube station, Clarence House and St James’s Palace. From Green Park one can walk through to St James’s Park.

It was a lovely sunny day but cold. Imagine this, we were walking with our gloves on. There were others who were running or walking and enjoying lunch sat in the seats and on the grass. It was a pretty sight. Although the temperatures are still teethering between single and double digits it still is pleasant enough to get rugged up and go for a short not-so brisk walk. Walking is so much fun and liberating from  hours of sitting at the desk. I do a lot of sitting down with over 10 tube station stops to Green Park then at my desk,  so this is the sort of day when I try to get out for a short walk. Its good to have a bit of exercise, take in some fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature. Green Park offers a great quiet place for short walks during lunchtime so in that sense it is quite handy.

Here are some photos from that walk.

I prefer walking in this park because I don’t have to brave traffic to get there and there is always fewer people and lots of lovely trees and tree-lined walkways. I love trees and love taking photos of them.

My friend and I enjoyed our 50 min walk through Green Park. The air was crisp and we felt rather good taking the walk during lunchtime. It gave us the chance to enjoy the park and to welcome the onset of Spring. Slow though it is, it was still a nice day, and am grateful for the simple pleasure of a walk in the park. It was enjoyable and free. Walking back to the office I thought to myself…Spring’s kinda slow this year.

Flora-lly Speaking…

250 years of gardening par excellence...

I first heard about Kew Gardens when I came to London a fair few years ago. I kept on putting off a visit until late September this year. The journey by car took less than an hour. The big challenge was trying to get out of the central London traffic. Phew!

What a feast of colour! The Gardens are so peaceful. I felt as if I were in another world. Just outside the gates of the Gardens is the bustling city of London. The Gardens are like an oasis made up of different parts of the world – flora-lly speaking.

I’d like to say it with flowers and that’s exactly what I’m going to do on this post. I am going to share my photos of the vast range of floral delights found in one lovely corner of London.

The roses in the Gardens seemed to be at the end of their flowering glory so the beautiful blooms were not so fresh on this Saturday afternoon. Nonetheless, I managed to capture some of the colours in the afternoon glow.

The cacti and the orchid exhibits were the most interesting to me. I was absolutely mesmerised by the cacti. Some of the shapes were amazing and beautiful. The collection was magnificient. I’ve never seen so many different types of cacti in my life before. Simply awesome!

I reckon pictures of the orchid exhibit are worth showing separately. Exotic and alluring, orchids are some of my favourite flowering plants in the world. The Kew Gardens selections are simply exquisite. Watch this space.

I must admit I love flowers and exotic plants – flowering or otherwise. Once inside the Gardens I felt like a kid in a candy store. There were flowers and plants of many descriptions. I took heaps of photos of plants, trees and other attractions in the Gardens. I guess I was trigger-happy again with my Nikon D80 (sold now).

To see the rest of the Gardens we decided to take the open train around the grounds. That was probably the best way to see as much of the Gardens as time would allow. A pagoda stands silent and impressive among the trees which we saw on our ride around the Gardens.

I had a wonderful time and as usual, to remember my visit, I raided the souvenir shop. 15 minutes later –  two beautiful mugs with the pagoda print on them and a big coffee table book  on paintings of the flowers and plants found in the Gardens. This is an amazing book, “The Art of Plant Evolution” by W. John Kress and Shirley Sherwood.  When I first saw the name Sherwood it reminded me of the legend of Robin of Sherwood – what a coincidence!

My visit to Kew Gardens was a great eye-opener. I feasted my eyes on the beautiful collections and exhibits spread over large areas in the Gardens. I did not get to see the lot since time was a constraint. But I promise I’ll visit again to learn more about this beautiful oasis in the middle of this bustling northern metropolis.

Autumn Trees…

I walked with a friend through Green Park one lunch time on our way to some shops on Victoria Street and these were my impressions of the trees on this cool Autumn afternoon. We’ve walked by these trees over the past year or so but on this particular day they looked so different.

Looking towards Green Park Tube Station.
There is something solid, wholesome and steady about these trunks.
Tree-lined path...awesome!
Beautiful and serene...
Imagine walking through this everyday to and from the office...just perfect
Autumn wonderland...
A lamp in the park...
Leaf-less but not life-less...
Autumn leaves...a leafy carpet.
Anatomy of a tree...
A park a sentinel watching over the trees...

I was really happy we walked through the Park to get to where we were going. It gave me a totally different feel of the Park and what a privilege it was. The sights were exceptional.