When The Eye And Spirit Connect

Sometimes I take photos which when uploaded on to my computer album leave me speechless! These are times when I realise what letting the artist in me loose, means. It’s difficult to explain but to say that what my eye sees is limited. What my heart sees is limitless. 

I reckon the camera performs its magic when the eye and spirit connect on picture angle, ISO, location, colours, subject etc. 



The light from the street light is reflected in the top windows of a couple of the houses. The car's headlights are not blurred.



Looking out from the inside of my local church


Common sight at tourist spots


Water fountains with a difference...


Telephone boxes near one of the Charing Cross tube station entrances


Sugar packets in a bowl made this shot


These pictures are what makes me enjoy taking photos. I am an amateur photographer and very much a beginner over and over trying to understand the mechanics and technicalities of photography. However, these spur of the moment photos convince me that when my eye and spirit connect the magic that comes through the lens of my camera can be awesome.

Covent Garden Wokabaut

Felt the excitement of discovery...something new in the air.

Everyone has a special place in the city where they live. I have a couple but one I like most is Convent Garden. The Saturday before Valentine’s Day I went along to Covent Garden . I took some photos of Trafalgar Square on my way up to Covent Garden. It is almost a straight shot from Trafalgar Square past the National Portrait Gallery and the National Gallery, along the Strand  then a left turn off this main drag and voila! You’re at Covent Garden.

I love the Covent Garden Markets and in fact that is the reason why I went there in the first place. It is a nice little place to spend a day – lots to see, places to eat and just enjoying the atmosphere. There is quite a bit to see and if you like handmade artifacts, jewellery and clothes this is the place to go to. Stalls and designer stores stand side by side so one is spoilt for choice. I love to go there to find presents and a couple of times took PNG relatives there.

There is usually alot going on and is a great place to browse and buy or just window-shop which is what I did. Covent Garden is surrounded by restaurants, take-away joints and of course shops along the Strand.

Covent Garden Market was built in the 17th Century and has a really interesting history which can be found at http://www.coventgardenlife.com.

My Saturday at Covent Garden was again a great day to remember. Some photographic souvenirs of my Covent Garden wokabaut.

Gold Finger...

Pre-Valentine's Day fever...