A Cruise Up-River At Sunset In Brisbane

The 'ferris wheel' against the sunset. Brought back memories of the London Eye.

I was recently in Brisbane on Friday evening and was so fortunate to witness what I thought was a stunning sunset over the city which has been experiencing rain on and off for a few days that week.   

Cruising up the river towards Toowong, Qld.

For me this was indeed a golden hour to take this shots. I am moved by the grandeur of nature on God’s earth everywhere I go. 

These structures reminded me of a place in London...

As we travelled upriver towards Toowong I took these shots. Had to muscle my way through the taller people who were eargerly clicking away. There was no time for timidity as I too gently ‘muscled’ my way through a whole lot of jeans and t-shirts to take these shots. But all in all everyone wanted to share these moments so as one lot stood up and swayed towards aft to take their shots the others waited patiently to move forward. The earlier muscling in was after all not necessary so I felt kind of embarrassed but hey it was a do or die situation and I just went for it.  What I lost due to size (far from size 28 days but) I more than compensated with my ‘gentle muscling’ at the many swaying midriffs I encountered to take these shots and am kind of amazed I did without being thrown overboard by some (tall giant of a) European tourist. At least I lived to tell my story.

We passed a number of bridges along the Brisbane River when not so long ago the city was under siege of massive flooding.

This shot from under one of the bridges. I caught my breath whenever we turned a corner on the river.

What a beautiful end of the day this was and I wanted to share these photos of the sunset as we cruised towards our ‘home away from home’ in Toowong.

This was the eve of my birthday as well as the planned opening of the Beyond Pacific Art Gallery the next day, 17th March, 2012 in Bellbowrie.

What a sight to behold!

Wherever we are, the setting sun has a magical aura about it. This is the time when one can find oneself in a reflective mood and I was in that zone. I just took it all in as the City Cat rolled onwards… 

The train passing through...a moving silhouette against a stunning background.

Looking back the way we came up river I thought how privileged I was to have witnessed a lovely warm sunset in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It was a wonderful way to end the week and the day.

Fairfax Harbour At Dusk…Port Moresby

The view halfway up the Poreporena Freeway

One evening as we left the office,  I was so taken by the sunset and dusk over Fairfax Harbour, I tried taking my shots through the staff bus windows but none of them did justice to the moment. So when we were on the Freeway halfway on our ascent I asked everyone  if we could stop so I could take some shots of the unfolding dusk over the Harbour.  My colleagues readily agreed, so we stopped by the roadside and these were the photos I took of  Fairfax Harbour.

Peaceful and alluring…. 

Another shot from the Freeway
The rock face on the side of the Freeway
My, oh my, how the city has grown this side of town...
Another view of the lights of Port Moresby from this side of the city
As the sunset slowly disappeared...
Traffic on the Freeway...this used to be a mountain!
Could barely make out the lights of Government House

As we piled back into the bus and slowly climbed up the hill and away down towards Hohola, I couldn’t help  thinking how fast Port Moresby is growing. No doubt every nook and cranny and every hill that has a spectacular view of the Harbour will have a house on it one day. Don’t really want to contemplate that, no, not really.

I kind of liked this time of day when the dusk envelops the city and hides the dust-laden rooftops and roadsides. I think this is my escape from the headlines of the day that paint a totally different picture of the city of Port Moresby. How much of its historical significance is lost on us, the residents of Port Moresby – visitors, short term and longtime residents? How much of Port Moresby do we want to change? – hopefully not these views, especially of Fairfax Harbour at dusk.