Finally, St George’s Day

Balloons outside a pub reminded me that it was St George's Day

With all that happens in a day, yesterday was no exception. The usual meetings, the phone calls, paper work, lunch break and responding to emails. Now that was a day at the office.

In the evening, I had volunteered to work behind the bar at the staff social club which was the venue of a cultural night to raise funds for a good cause. I served drinks for about 3 hours – now that’s a lot of hours mixing and pouring and running around making sure that the empty cans, bottles and dirty drinking glasses and plastic cups are removed from the tables and disposed off in recycled bins etc. I also made sure that the liquor bottles were safely stored after mixing drinks so the bottles are not in danger of being knocked over and broken – that will be a health and safety issue. Also important is to make sure there is enough change in the till. I made the ice in the ice bucket is replenished everynow and then and the shot glasses are clean for the next customer.

A single rum, a double whiskey etc

Throughout the time I was manning the bar, the drinks flowed and people were happy with the service – I’d like to think. Key indicator – no yelling for attention! I too was happy because I wasn’t rushed off my feet. The fund-raising event kicked off and all went on swimmingly which is always a plus when lots of people come to enjoy an evening with a difference and not just the usual crowd on a Friday evening at the club.

After a great evening I handed over the baton to another bar volunteer and headed off for the tube station. I was walking up when I noticed a cluster of red and white balloons outside a pub. OMG! It dawned on me that it was St George’s Day! It came and went with my day and I did not even notice – what a shame! At least, this small reminder in a corner of London reminded me of St Georges Day. Pity I didn’t get to do anything special or have a celebration drink.

Through the windows of a it was St George's Day...completely missed it. Pity really.

23 April is St George’s Day but it is not a public holiday. However, the day is celebrated with English flags which is a white rectangle with a red cross in the middle are displayed inside and outside pubs, hair salons, offices etc. St George’s Day has an interesting history and a a kind of fantasy story behind it featuring a dragon. Took me back to Brownie days on Kwato Island in PNG.