A Confusing Name But A Goodie…

Like fish and chips any day.

When I first came to live in London I didn’t know that bangers and mash was food! Let alone what bangers were and what mash was.

I had no idea what the dish was. As far as I was concerned bangers are what you bang together to produce a noise like a gong, and mash was the name of a favourite American movie series “M.A.S.H”. I wondered why this was something you can eat or find in a pub or cafe. Sounded more like something you’ll find in a car service centre or garage. It could have been the name of a tool you used to hold two pieces of glued wooden slats – like a clamp.

I first had bangers and mash in 2004 at Davy’s pub near my office. Since then I have always associated bangers and mash with Davy’s since it was there that I was initiated to bangers and mash – the name of a simple common dish.  Anyway, then, it turned out to be a dish made up of a couple of sausages – Cumberland sausages – and mashed potato. I found this explanation of bangers and mash.

On this particular lunch time with my two close friends last week, I thought since we were at Davy’s I might as well go for bangers and mash and I  did. The dish not only hit the spot for me that day, it also warmed my heart to recall that this was where I first tasted this favourite hunger reliever. To be honest a dish with a confusing name but a goodie, nonetheless.

Heavenly morsel...we guzzled it and why not!

To complete our wonderful lunchtime get together, two of us shared an apply slice with cream.

A great time was had by all.