Spring’s Kinda Slow This Year

It was a great sunny day yesterday so a friend and I went for a lunchtime walk at Green Park. Green Park is surrounded by some historic buildings and roads. These are some shots from that walk. Green Park is situated near Buckingham Palace, Green Park Tube station, Clarence House and St James’s Palace. From Green Park one can walk through to St James’s Park.

It was a lovely sunny day but cold. Imagine this, we were walking with our gloves on. There were others who were running or walking and enjoying lunch sat in the seats and on the grass. It was a pretty sight. Although the temperatures are still teethering between single and double digits it still is pleasant enough to get rugged up and go for a short not-so brisk walk. Walking is so much fun and liberating from  hours of sitting at the desk. I do a lot of sitting down with over 10 tube station stops to Green Park then at my desk,  so this is the sort of day when I try to get out for a short walk. Its good to have a bit of exercise, take in some fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature. Green Park offers a great quiet place for short walks during lunchtime so in that sense it is quite handy.

Here are some photos from that walk.

I prefer walking in this park because I don’t have to brave traffic to get there and there is always fewer people and lots of lovely trees and tree-lined walkways. I love trees and love taking photos of them.

My friend and I enjoyed our 50 min walk through Green Park. The air was crisp and we felt rather good taking the walk during lunchtime. It gave us the chance to enjoy the park and to welcome the onset of Spring. Slow though it is, it was still a nice day, and am grateful for the simple pleasure of a walk in the park. It was enjoyable and free. Walking back to the office I thought to myself…Spring’s kinda slow this year.

Some Views That Inspire Me

Sunset over The Mall, London

Sometimes you look at nature, buildings, food etc and you feel inspiration welling up in your belly and up to your face. You smile, remembering a faraway memory in the past, a fun time, places, family, loved ones, friends and God. I like to take photos of things that inspire me. When I do spontaneously I feel exactly what I’ve described above.

Here are some of  my favourites moments…

A mug in a Church cafe
At one end of Pall Mall along St James Street, London

St Paul's Cathedral, Victoria Street, London - a view through two buildings at the shopping centre
Sunset through the trees at dusk, Green Park, London
Awesome architecture
Early morning moon - from the kitchen window

Capturing these sights and views is so compelling. I take photos wherever I go and when I am walking with friends – they just laugh at me and call me ‘paparazzi’. I reckon that’s a compliment. It’s a great hobby and love of mine, capturing views that inspire me.