Nature’s Drawcards

At dusk...awesome

I was sitting downstairs at home this evening watching Japan play Denmark when I happened to look out of the window. I saw this awesome sight! Well, I didn’t have to think twice. I ran out of the living room, took my faithful Nikon D90 and ran upstairs. This was one of my first shots of the moon at dusk. We have daylight saving so it seems like twilight stretches forever. It was still light – albeit faint – at 10.00pm.

Twilight stretches forever...and what a time to capture this sight

This captivating sight, over the rooftops looking towards Wembley was just so beautiful. I feel always with vistas like this, that there are so many man-made things which attract our attention. In doing so, we sometimes take for granted the coolest natural processes like the rising of the sun, the setting of the sun, moonlight etc.

The beauty of dusk...

It is here in Middlesex amongst some of the prettiest parks and tree-lined avenues, that my attention is acutely drawn to what I’d call – nature’s drawcards.

Suspended in the sky...I couldn't take my eyes off this view of the moon at dusk.

Nature’s drawcards are the beautiful and sometimes the not-so-beautiful things in nature that draw the attention of for instance, amateur and professional photographers and those that are avid nature watchers. They also draw the attention and interest of various people around the world for various reasons.

I just feel blessed to witness God’s handiwork on a day like this.

After I took these photos I went back to the living room just in time to see the final score of the Japan vs Denmark game. Well done Japan!

Sunset In The East

My office window faces the east and so I see the sunrise and not the sunset, naturally. However, I am blessed for this building which, I have noticed recently, reflects the sunset. At first I didn’t think much of it. But then I started to admire it, especially the reflection from the glass windows of the building opposite mine. Some may say it is just a reflection of a sunset, so what? But as I thought about it some more over a few consecutive days when we had sunny days, I began to realise the significance of it. It is my blessing…yes it is.

Sunset across the garden
I get to enjoy a sunset...a blessing

Sometimes things in nature happen this way – they can be blessings or misery. I realised how blessed I am because I can enjoy the sunset in the west even though my window is facing east.

We don’t miss out on God’s beautiful handiwork – one way or another we get to experience it. I recognised and acknowledged my good fortune to be able to witness this wonder of God’s creation – a sunset in the east.

A Rising Sun: The Wonder Of It All

The wonder of a rising sun...

On Monday morning this week, I walked into my bedroom to collect my mobile phone near the bedside and I saw that the room was bathed in orange light. I naturally looked out of the window and caught my breath! Quickly I ran out of the room to get my camera in the living room downstairs. One mad woman hah? and all of this running around for what? Yeah, for what?

Went back up again and promised myself not to miss yet another beautiful opportunity to capture one of nature’s beauties. I drew the white lace curtains and stared at the sun. It was like looking at an egg yolk only that this one was brighter and bigger. My camera went click, click, click  and for about 15 minutes or so I just stared – what an awesome sight.

I am fascinated with rising sun and setting sun. There is something about these natural phenomena that is unexplainable. All I can say is that these sightings never fail to warm my heart. Such magical moments. Sometimes I feel my camera can capture my mood just by the angle of the photo I’ve taken or the colours that have so vividly aroused my imagination.

Through the haze of the morning, the sun rose in the distance and sat on a throne of its own. My eyes bathed in its brilliance, and my mind occupied with the wonder of it all.