Pre-Weekend Blues…Happens, You Know

Took my mind off the mundane and mediocre.


The day had been eventful in more ways than one. Sometimes it was like that.   

I was early at work. Missed breakfast at home so grabbed a croissant, a muffin (snack for later) and some other stuff to snack on through the day. The air was a bit chilly when I walked through the park to the office. At the office when I looked out of the window – the sun was out, temporarily, but as always, uplifting.   

At lunchtime I went with a colleague for a bite to eat at a nearby restaurant and the dish I chose really sucked! I wished I had not ordered it. The beef was really chewy and I mean chewy! I broke my left thumbnail and it was uncomfortable. I bought a nail clipper in a shop close by and relieved myself of the potential disaster – nailwise. Then it rained on the way back to the office.   

Fast forward……..   

That evening on the way to the club I noticed that the night wasn’t that dark….  As I walked out into the courtyard, I noticed the full moon. Wow!  I tried to capture it with my camera. The fact that I noticed the moon and wanted to take a photo of it was to me like seeking comfort in nature. After I took photos of the moon, the one above  included, I felt my spirits gradually elevated.   

At the club I met some of my close friends which was really great. Their animated discussions and laughter reminded me it was the weekend…yippeee! Later on walked to the station with a couple of friends and homeward bound. Grabbed a vegetarian meal at one of my favourite restaurants in the neighbourhood then home and comforts of things familiar.   

Looking back…no worries there are such things as pre-weekend blues…happens, you know.

Some Views That Inspire Me

Sunset over The Mall, London

Sometimes you look at nature, buildings, food etc and you feel inspiration welling up in your belly and up to your face. You smile, remembering a faraway memory in the past, a fun time, places, family, loved ones, friends and God. I like to take photos of things that inspire me. When I do spontaneously I feel exactly what I’ve described above.

Here are some of  my favourites moments…

A mug in a Church cafe
At one end of Pall Mall along St James Street, London

St Paul's Cathedral, Victoria Street, London - a view through two buildings at the shopping centre
Sunset through the trees at dusk, Green Park, London
Awesome architecture
Early morning moon - from the kitchen window

Capturing these sights and views is so compelling. I take photos wherever I go and when I am walking with friends – they just laugh at me and call me ‘paparazzi’. I reckon that’s a compliment. It’s a great hobby and love of mine, capturing views that inspire me.