Sarong and Talent Show – Miss South Pacific Pageant 2010

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It’s now a week since the crowning of Miss South Pacific 2010 but the memories of the events and the many judging sessions leading up to the crowning are still fresh. My memories are of last Friday night’s sarong and talent judging event at Lamana Hotel, one of our premier hotels in Port Moresby. I reckon Miss Cook Islands showed us many ways to wear a sarong but the others were equally stunning in their sarongs too.

Here are the beauties in their sarongs (or laplaps as we call them here) parade. The designs and the work that had gone into making a winning laplap out of these must have been an exciting and creative journey for some island artists and fashionistas in the region. They must have burnt the midnight oil but happily and with pride as they too were competing for the best sarong in the Pacific through this competition I believe.

In no particular order, here they are. The beautiful contestants of the Pacific Region and women with great potential for responsibility and great careers ahead of them. I was so proud and happy to have been at one of the judging events.

Miss Fiji - she had this woven cape on. When on stage she took it off to reveal this lovely sarong. The designs depict significant aspects of Fijian culture and community life.
Miss Niue - the yellow shells around her hips, the necklace and the bracelet were exquisite. Each piece depicts a cultural aspect of Niuen life. Loved the hat and the multi-coloured sarong.
Miss American Samoa - this was my favourite sarong. The turtle designs are exquisite! Absolutely stunning! The turtle has a very special place in American Samoan culture and society.
Miss Papua New Guinea - an interesting way to wear a laplap.
Miss Hawaiian Islands - loved this silk creation. Love the flower arrangements on the sarong and on her hair. Aloha.......
Miss Solomon Islands - this was another I liked with the coconut tree design on the sarong to show the importance of the coconut in Solomon Islands culture and society.
Miss Tonga - this was another sarong that had a turtle design on it. It also showed the significant place the turtle has in Tongan culture and society.
Miss Aotearoa, New Zealand - this was an interesting design. I loved the 'moko' or tattoo on her chin. That really stood out for me.
Miss Samoa - are the colour was stunning and the turtle buckles were so pretty - dark brown against the orange background. Again the turtle design which is on the back signifies the importance of the turtle ni Samoan culture and society. Simply sensational!
Miss Tokelau - the white coral patterns on the blue sarong was like looking into the sea. I thought this was also sensational!
Miss Cook Islands - loved the colours and the patterns on the sarong. In terms of the versatility of the sarong - she took out the prize as far as I was concerned that night!

The sarong parade was an excellent show! Each contestant had to describe what the patterns or designs on their sarongs said about their culture and society. I gained useful insights into the cultures of these countries. A very enlightening and exciting segment indeed.

What an awesome way to spend a Friday evening.

The versatility of the humble laplap cannot be underestimated.  Some interesting ideas on how we can be creative with our laplaps has been inspired by the Sarong and Talent Show for the contestants.

The next post will feature the talent segment so watch this space.