Hees Done It Again!

A classy and enjoyable way to enjoy Chinese cuisine

Chopsticks – I find them really fascinating eating utensils. It is definitely a skill – handling these. Otherwise, it is daunting to think that one can be satisfied eating with these. Many years ago in Singapore, I was put to shame for stuffing my face with a fork and was not able to enjoy my hosts’ hospitality that spanned a 7- course meal. No kidding! You might say I learnt the hard way but learn I did! Looking back now, almost 20 years, I must say I am glad I ate humble pie and learnt something new and different. It is now second nature to me at any Chinese restaurant. My heartfelt gratitude to my Singaporean hosts’ wherever they are for challenging me to enjoy many Chinese meals since that embarrassing lunchtime at a classy restaurant on Orchard Road.

A couple of evenings this week we decided to drop by the Hees Chinese Restaurant in Mill Hill for dinner. We were in the neighbourhood and it felt kinda good to take in the long days and stay out until about 9pm or 10pm at night.

On both occasions as usual, service was immaculate, fast and pleasant. We have been there a couple of times so I reckon you could safely call us Hees regulars.

Our table...inviting

The place is clean, warm and so tidy. The food is absolutely delicious. For starters, try the beef satays and salted and pepper pork spareribs, the ever popular (with me that is) chicken sweet corn soup or salted and pepper squid.

My favourite...
Just the thing to keep hunger away...
Inhaled it....nothing left. So yummy...

For dinner, you may want to try the shredded chilli beef and fish Peking style and mixed vegetables. Ambience and sumptuous food, superb ‘express’ service and a friendly team keeps calling us back.

As beautiful to the sight as it is to the palate...
Soooooo tasty...
Crunchy and yummy...

The menu goes on forever. That’s what I like about restaurants – long menus and feeling spoilt for choice is my kind of eatery – posh or non-posh.

As we left the restaurant smiling and absolutely smashed with great yummy morsels I couldn’t help thinking wow! Hees done it again!

Dinner at the Hees

Chinese tea - always the best!
Chinese tea - always the best, anywhere anytime!

Last Wednesday we were craving for nice Chinese kai so I ‘Googled’ Chinese restaurants in our local area and presto! up comes Hees, a local Chinese restaurant serving Szechuan and oriental cuisine. It’s a nice little restaurant located along the main drag of The Broadway, Mill Hill. Check the link on this blog to find out more about the Hees.

We were  told that the restaurant ‘chain’ has been in existence in London for about 25 years. Dinner was cooked by one of their top brass! a first for me! The Food was great and service was fast.  Here are some pics of the first  Chinese restaurant I’ve visited in almost 12 months in this area.

Me with the A team at Hees Chinese Restaurant
Me with the A team at Hees Chinese Restaurant

In PNG there is no problem in locating a Chinese restaurant to go to but here is something else. Planti tumas so you have to know exactly where to look – thanks to Google. Since I live soooo faraway from London’s Chinatown, Google is the next best thing. These were the dishes we ordered but oh how I miss the salt and pepper fish at Fugui Village!

Chicken & sweet corn soup - my everlasting favourite
Chicken & sweet corn soup


Tasty veggie spring rolls with carrot veggie sculptures
Tasty veggie spring rolls with carrot veggie sculptures


The main course
The main course
After these pictures I decided to test the camera lens and took close-ups  of each main course dish. Taken with my Konica Minolta Dimage 50x (bought September 2004). 
Mixed veggies - mistook the button mushrooms for olives! pilisi o...
Mixed veggies - mistook the button mushrooms for olives! pilisi o...
Sweet & sour pork

Sweet  & sour pork

Salt & pepper fish
Salt & pepper fish


Barbequed beef spareribs
Barbequed beef spareribs

A lovely dinner was had by all. It was a really wonderful evening.