Celebrating With Curry & Cobra

Simply yummy...

Yesterday evening after taking photos at a couple of the polling stations, we decided to treat ourselves to a lovely Indian meal at our favourite haunt.

We felt really relaxed as we enjoyed our meal. There was a buzz in the air. It was difficult not to think about which political party was going to be declared the winner with a majority of votes in the morning (today, 7 May)). A political party needs to get 326 to be declared the winner. It is now the Conservatives with a slight majority in a hung Parliament. So what is going to happen now? It’s anyone’s guess who could be in power shortly. Anyway, dinner conversation was I think about 85% focused on the general election. And who wouldn’t? It was peaceful determination to vote for the right leaders.

Anyway, we were celebrating just another national event. We carried on with our dinner and enjoyed very morsel.

Cobra beer and hot curry go together...dynamite!
Lamb Shish Kebab
Rice...glorious rice
Plain mogo (tapioca)
Garlic naan

One More For Tandoori Chicken!

Last night I had an awesome meal of tandoori chicken and few other scrumptious dishes at one of my favourite local Indian restaurants.

Became a fan last night...absolutely delish!

I remembered that it was usually a dry dish. But that was why I ordered it. I was ill with fever for the past two and a half days and was in no mood for something with too much sauce or spice. I also wanted a wholesome meal but more dry and moist than with oodles of sauce. I got what I wanted and oh boy…it hit the spot! It really did.

Yummy...hit the spot

Tandoori chicken comes to us from India. It is chicken marinated in yogurt, lemon juice (fresh is better) and some other wonderful, flavourful and aromatic spices. I think the part of the chicken used in this dish is it seems mostly chicken drumsticks or chicken maryland pieces.


Anyway, for rich or richer tandoori chicken recipes to try at home for family and friends or that special someone check out these websites at http://www.mamtaskitchen.com; http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes; http://homecooking.about.com/od/chickenrecipes.

Here is a video courtesy of Youtube, I found on the net which might help as a step-by-step guide to cooking a terrific dish of tandoori chicken.

The tandoori chicken has become my favourite overnight and I reckon it was the way it was cooked or that fact that I wanted something dry and succulent to eat and that was it. To complete my sumptuous meal, I had a mango kulfi and oh boy that was a great choice. What a night, what a dish!

Absolutely out of this world...my bestest Indian dessert

For all tandoori chicken lovers I think I have joined the club…welcome to the world of succulent, delicious, to-die-for chicken ever! Yeah…one more for tandoori chicken! Yippeee…