Girls in Green: Irish Dance

Agility, energy, litheliness and youth. What a joy to watch these young girls perform.

I’ve only ever seeing this type of dance on TV. For some reason when I was in UK I didn’t get a chance to see any Irish dancing. I perhaps was not adventurous enough but that’s for another trip I suppose.

Calls for agility of limbs! Ouch, my aching bones...

I was so happy to run into these group of young Irish dancers on Queen Street Mall, Brisbane, Australia on 17th March which also happens to be my birthday.

I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered the dancing girls in green, purely by accident.

I wasn’t sure whether they were dancing to raise funds for a cause or something.

There was a sort of bucket where the girls were dancing  but I didn’t have time to read what it said.

It seems that more and more  young people these days are taking their art – either visual or performing to the streets. This augurs well for the perpertuation of the arts in any culture. 

I am sure that we have groups here in PNG such as Paluai Suksuk and the Bougainville Bamboo Band and accompanying dancers who perform at various functions around the city. 

I wish I were 10 years old again!

The dancing is energetic and footwork seems to be the epitome of good Irish dancing or probably more correctly, Irish Dance. I wondered how much practice they need to perfect their steps and at what age they started dancing.

One of the features of this group of dancers that struck me was their age. Young people keeping their traditions.

Looks easy but I bet it took ages to perfect this step. Well that's from someone with two left feet!

Some cultural dancing groups in PNG have begun to ensure that their young people get to showcase their cultural dances such as the recent Palaui Suksuk Dancers from Manus at the National Cultural Commission-sponsored corporate dinner at the Dynasty Restaurant at Vision City.

This is one of those ocassions I relish when in another country. You don’t know what you will find but but if you get out and about you may come across something like this. Mostly it would be something artistic or creative and this was one of those ocassions. I enjoyed the dancing and considered myself rather fortunate to have witnessed it.

They make it look so easy.

A very pleasant interlude to a whirlwind shopping spree at Queen Street Mall, (Brisbane, Australia).

Lithe Limbo Limbs

I spent a day before Valentine’s Day looking around Covent Garden in London just chillin’ and enjoying my day in the city. There were quite a few shows throughout the day and although I did not stay to watch all of them, limbo dancing attracted my attention because there were so many people cheering the dancer and there was music as well which was great. I stayed around long enough to see the dancer go under the bar but missed taking a shot of the end of the limbo when he cleared the bar.

Limbo dancing, one needs lithe limbs...

Limbo is a simple dance which requires the dancer to pass under the bar. It is great with music. One needs to have supple limbs to dance this as can be seen by the dancer in the photo collage above. I remember doing the limbo dance at high school on Friday dance evenings. Those were the days. The video of  David Hasselhoff’s Limbo Dance is what I mean about having music and the whole community participating in the limbo dance or just dancing on the side cheering others on.

I like David Hasselhoff’s limbo dance video because it shows that it is a fun dance which could feature at community gatherings and perhaps at Summer sizzle events. A great dance for all ages. One definitely needs lithe limbs! Not for armchair dancers…no sah!