Hunting For Kikkoman-san…

I took a late lunch last Thursday so that I could pick up my favourite soy sauce at the Japan Centre in Central London. Well the morning went by so fast and before I knew it, it was time to head up to Piccadilly Street.

Japan Centre...favourite haunts for soy sauce etc
Japan Centre on lower Regent Street - moved from Piccadilly Street

I got to Piccadilly Street and merrily sailed towards the shop thinking of the many different ways I could use soy sauce and how wonderful chicken, pork, fish and other meat dishes taste with soy sauce. I also recalled how in Port Moresby many many moons ago a kind and generous couple used to invite myself and a few of the neighbours during some weekends to sample the culinary delights from her kitchen. Her roast chicken or fried chicken and pork dishes were heaven on earth! Ever since then, now that was about the late 1970s, soy sauce has become my favourite cooking sauce and use it in almost every meat dish include fish and prawns. Along with containers of salt and pepper and herbs in my kitchen, soy sauce is another must-have item!

Fast forward to Thursday afternoon, London. When I finally arrived at the place I walked through but the shelves had books and all sorts of stationary and other products but no food, no soy sauce. Well I wasn’t one to shy away from asking questions so I asked one of the few very busy people there where the food was. He politely said, go to lower Regent Street opposity Tesco. So off I went – I only had an hour and I reckon with finding the soy sauce and browsing at the new store I hurried out of there on the second leg of my journey.

Precious soy sauce
The bigger one for cooking and the smaller one for the table...

I found the new place – Japan Centre – to my great delight, it wasn’t so crowded for browsing and the line at the checkout counter was not that long. There I was amongst Japanese food lovers hunting around for favourites items.

There are so many wonderful things and fresh food. The range of any one product is amazing. For example, you can find several types of seaweed. I’d like to find the one that is served in beautiful lacquer boxes in sushi bars like they do in Tokyo. They are a great nutritious substitute for crisps. I enjoyed these when I visited Japan many moons ago.

There, at the Japan Centre, I came across soy sauce in various sizes and a bonus find – Japanese curry. Wow! that was a bonus alright – next beef dish with this in it – mwaaaah – slice of paradise!

Japanese curry
My bonus buy!

I used to be able to find small bottles of soy sauce at Waitrose at Kings Road or Knightsbridge and I think one still can. It’s on the aisle where you can find exotic/world food. That was a couple of years ago when I lived in central London. Now I live elsewhere and still work in Central London, so the Japan Centre is much closer and accessible. Besides, at Japan Centre you can get different sizes so one is spoilt for choice on the size of bottles – now for that I’d use my precious lunch hour to get to Japan Centre.

My troubles finally rewarded, I clutched the bag with my soy sauce – one for cooking and one for the table, I headed back to my office. My hunt for soy sauce was not in vain. In fact now I know where the Japan Centre is my next hunt for soy sauce will not be a long walk.

Soy sauce and Japanese curry from Japan Centre, London
Powerful trio...the next meal is going to be a slice of paradise, alright!

So now with this powerful combo, and Kikkonman-san safely in my kitchen, it’s happy cooking Mari na maski long mauswara, yu!