A Hot Beverage, A Slice Of Cake And A Friendly Chat…

Cake, glorious cake...
Cake, glorious cake...

There’s nothing more comforting and uplifting than a cup of my favourite beverage, a slice of  cake, croissant or apple pie and a friendly chat. There is something really magical about this – that depends on what you are chatting about. I find that chatting about one’s personal plans, food, travel and other uplifting things could really make this get-together an occasion.

When I walk into a cafe just seeing delicious mouth-watering cakes, scones, pies etc – zaps my willpower to resist temptation. Mais oui!

When one is sitting at one’s desk staring at a computer screen all day there comes a time when you ought to get up off your chair and stretch your limbs. In fact we are advised to do this but most don’t. Sometimes it is good to just leave your work station and take a walk – have a hot beverage, a sweet slice of something (or allow your willpower to crush the urge) and a friendly chat (which can take place on your way to take a hard-earned break or on your way back to your office).

Sometimes people are surprised to be invited to have a hot beverage with all the trimmings but I think most would love to do this depending how one’s day is progressing. Sometimes this kind of break and the friendly chat can really stimulate the grey matter and the day is not as frustrating and daunting.

It shouldn’t be allowed to become ritual behaviour because that takes the fun out of these brief and lovely escapades.

So here’s to a hot beverage and all the trimmings anyday!

Slices of heaven anytime of the day...

Spicin’ Up Your Coffee – Creativity At Its Best!

Most people know how to make a cup of coffee, right? If you are using instant coffee it is a matter of a couple of teaspoons of the good stuff in a mug adding sugar or milk, honey or whiskey and boiling water. Brewed coffee lovers, the ones that actually drink the good stuff, would probably shop around for different kinds of coffee – Colombian, Papua New Guinean, Kenyan, Kona, Java, Ethiopian etc and choosing either Arabica or Robusta coffee varieties to soothe their coffee pangs. You may be in for a pleasant surprise. Not only are there varieties of the good stuff but also you are spoilt for choice to create your own signature brew, turning a not-so-humble mug of coffee into a unique blend or concoction.

I came across this blog http://puttingweirdthingsincoffee.wordpress.com  on WordPress.com blogs. I’m not really sure what to think of it but I’m pretty sure it is for the adventurous coffee lover. Should you feel inclined to spice up your morning or afternoon coffee, you may want to try these interesting recipes out but then again you may want to ponder the not so subtle warning – don’t try this at home…smile, smile, smile. Just imagine, a whole blog on how to spice up your humble cuppa! Or mugga! 

Just reading the blog brought back a past school memory. Yes, it does take me back to when I was in Grade 7 and was on coffee detail for the staff of my former high school – Cameron High in Alotau, Milne Bay Province. I can’t remember exactly how many mugs of coffee I had prepared but a fair few I suppose. I had a list which I then cleverly memorised so I won’t make a mistake. Come to think of it, the coffee was prepared in a small room adjoining the science lab…hmm.  Some had plain coffee, some took milk and sugar others with or without sugar or just milk, and almost all took an Anzac cookie with their coffee. By the way, the Anzac cookies came by courtesy of the weekly generous Home Economics class that baked the tasty morsels. Well, looking back on those days, I wish I could turn back the clock if only to attempt these really useful weird creations over the mugs of coffee I prepared over some months back then in ‘67. If any of my former teachers are out there who are reading this, you are probably happy I’ve only just read about this creative stuff…darn! smile, smile, smile. It’s somehow quite vague now but I may have exercised the coffee maker’s privilege and enjoyed a couple of those Anzacs myself… those were the days.