When The Eye And Spirit Connect

Sometimes I take photos which when uploaded on to my computer album leave me speechless! These are times when I realise what letting the artist in me loose, means. It’s difficult to explain but to say that what my eye sees is limited. What my heart sees is limitless. 

I reckon the camera performs its magic when the eye and spirit connect on picture angle, ISO, location, colours, subject etc. 



The light from the street light is reflected in the top windows of a couple of the houses. The car's headlights are not blurred.



Looking out from the inside of my local church


Common sight at tourist spots


Water fountains with a difference...


Telephone boxes near one of the Charing Cross tube station entrances


Sugar packets in a bowl made this shot


These pictures are what makes me enjoy taking photos. I am an amateur photographer and very much a beginner over and over trying to understand the mechanics and technicalities of photography. However, these spur of the moment photos convince me that when my eye and spirit connect the magic that comes through the lens of my camera can be awesome.

A Stroll Through Trafalgar Square

Awesome architecture...


Whenever I walk past Trafalgar Square there’s always something happening there – a new piece of art added to the other artworks there or an event taking place there. The Saturday before Valentine’s Day I decided to take a stroll around the Square and took some photos of the iconic art pieces and sculptures in the Square.  

One of the fountains in the square


Since I’ve been in London, Trafalgar Square has been the centre of a great number of interesting cultural and political events. When walking to the Strand or to one of my favourite Thai restaurants I’d pass by Trafalgar Square but never quite found the time to stop and take in the ambience of the place as I was always in a hurry going somewhere else. When I first came to London it was a place where lots of pigeons gathered. I didn’t see any pigeons during my stroll this time.  

Although the morning was dull it was dry so lots of people began to congregate around the fountains as life stirred in central London. There was excitement in the air too as large screens were set up for those who wanted to watch the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada. There was so much going on and I was caught up in the moment. For the first time I took in the Square’s many interesting features such as the fountains and Nelson’s Column. A really wonderful place to hang out at, take in the sights and sounds of the heart of London and take photos too.  

For more information on the history and events (past, present or planned) at the Square visit: http://www.london.gov.uk/trafalgarsquare.  

Here are some photos of the Square which I took on this visit. I regret having tempered with the white balance on my camera. However, the photos turned out fine so I must have done something right. I vowed never to touch the white balance on my camera unless I need to do so.