Glace In Glass

Looks so real...

I visited a really lovely shop along Piccadilly Street. I accompanied a close friend who wanted to pick up a gift for a friend who had invited her for dinner that evening. I was just so pleased to go with her because I love this particular shop. Always lovely things on display whichever way you look.

What greeted my eyes when we walked into the ground floor was just absolutely stunning. Enchantingly inviting and ooooh soooo real. I felt like reaching into the glass case and touching them. I guess the closest I got to these wildly exciting sweets was via my camera.

These are glace in glass! Glace has many definitions but in this case I’d have to go with candied fruit. Learn how to glace fruit which should not be too difficult…oui, pas facile…I think.

Walking out of the store infront of these glace in glass was my way of availing myself a second look. Well, being true to myself, I took a few shots (in the foregoing) and yes, felt good about it. I love taking photos of food!