Good Friday At St Andrew The Great Church

Woke up to the sound of singing birds. This was what I wanted to hear first thing in the morning and there it was. Birdsong – a great mood and day setter. It was a sunny morning too. The plan for Good Friday was to attend the morning service at the St Andrew The Great Church in Cambridge and the afternoon service at the Church of St Andrew in Soham about 30 minutes northeast of Cambridge.

Another church in a city centre

Headed first into the city centre located the Church,  found a parking space at the public parking lot and made it to the service just when it started. Here, the worshippers were mainly university students, the service conducted by students which was very interesting and invigorating and, very interactive. There was a live band which added to the spirit of the worship which was a celebration of salvation through the death of Jesus Christ. The Church was also a big  multicultural gathering which reminded me of my own local Church in Middlesex and All Souls in Oxford Circus, London.

The message was taken from Timothy I Chapter 1: 15. “Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners—of whom I am the worst.”

For the children, there was a demonstration of what SIN means and how sin was conquered by Christ through His death. I was particularly moved at this message. I did not know any of the songs we sang at the service except a couple which were than sung in a totally different tune that left one which was sung in the tune I knew. After we left the Church as the end of the service I began humming the new tune I learnt at that service: “My song is love unknown…”

Vibrant, multicultural Good Friday service

I was curious as to where and why the name  ‘Round Church’. This is what I dug up through a couple of hours surfing the net. The Round Church is situated clos to St Andrew the Great. The Round Church was built in 1061 as a stopover chapel for crusader. Some place the date of construction as 1130. In any case I did not know such a church existed in the same spot of St Andrew The Great Church.  Next time I go to Cambridge I’ll make it my mission to find the Round Chruch which is supposed to be modelled along a similar shaped church in Jerusalem – The Holy Sepulchre.

A view through the fence that bordered the Church yard and public walkway

It was a great service. Upbeat warm and vibrant. We did not stay for tea and hot cross buns which were brought to the pews. That is service! It was another Good Friday in England I’ll not forget in a hurry.

Nowhere near 9 million bicycles...

I couldn’t help noticing the many bicycles outside the Church. I couldn’t help thinking that this is probably a very environmentally-friendly University and also that it could be people who are very health and sport-conscious.