‘The Novelist’, a Jason Young film

Jason Young, a young Londoner has ventured into the world of film making and films. The Novelist is Jason’s first ever feature-length film. It has recently been short listed for the 11th bfm International Film Festival.

CD soundtrack cover
CD soundtrack cover


Jerry Downing is an aspiring writer who wants to publish his novel. His flatmate, Julia Wells, who is a closet writer herself, encourages him to get a full-time job to find his other half who will help him to get published. He dismisses her suggestion because of previous experiences in the workplace. When he bumps into his father, Nicholas Downing, who is on his way to the jobcentre to sign on the dole, Jerry changes his mind and decides to follow Julia’s advice in order to put an end to the cycle of unemployment in his family.

Whilst contemplating his next moves to find gainful employment, Jerry’s other flatmate, Kerry Cerberus, who has romantic feelings for him, begins reaching out to him socially. She is disappointed when her three attempts are unsuccessful thus  turning her into an enemy.

Now, in employment in the publishing industry, Jerry finds an ally in his line manager, Karen Glinda. Simultaneously, Kerry begins to have a hard time at work and takes it out on Jerry in a series of misunderstandings that forces her to interfere in his personal life. He confides in Karen about his dilemma and his struggles, and she provides him with an attractive alternative that will increase his chances of publishing his novel. He is uncertain at first, but when he is served notice by his landlord Jerry decides to move out of the flat he shared with Kerry and Julia and take up Karen’s offer of accommodation so that he can complete his novel. Simultaneously, Kerry is sacked from her job and realises her worse fear of being unemployed as Jerry once was.  Karen’s tutoring pays off, and Jerry’s novel is finally accepted for publication. But there is one more thing left for him to do.

A confident and self-assured Jerry returns to his old flat to remove the rest of his stuff. He sees Julia who informs him that he has inspired her to realise her childhood ambition of writing stories. He then seeks Kerry out to apologise to her for his behaviour towards her and to ask her forgiveness. She feels an emotional release and goes on to fulfil her ambition to become an accounts manager.

Free to live as a newly published novelist, Jerry and Karen face the future together.

Commuting between Middlesex and London

Off to the office - waiting for the Jubilee Line

Commuting can be a pain but it also has its advantages. I’ve been commuting between Middlesex and London for almost a whole 12 months and I can say it does grow on you. The other day I was thinking, gosh I’ve been doing this through four seasons. The journey to London is about 30 mins and returning home is the same however, if the trains stop on the tracks because there is  red signal or some sort of congestion at the next station ahead well you’ve got no choice but hope you have something useful to do – even taking a drink of water. That’s another thing during the Summer or any season it is advisable to carry a bottle of water with you – even if taking a drink, it needs to look meaningful especially if you don’t have a copy of your favourite newspaper or the Metro ( a free newspaper which you pick up at your home station) in the morning.

In one of the carriages
In one of the carriages

I’ve noticed that the carriages are very quiet if all the passengers are not workmates or family or friends – oh boy! that could be a very lonely hour of commuting. You may want to check that you curb your urge to smile at strangers. We do it n PNG all the time. But it may, you know, sapos yu meri na yu  laik smail nabout, be inviting unnecessary interest as it happened to me when I first arrived in London and used to walk to work but that’s another story. It’s mostly quiet except for the odd loud music seeping through someone’s earphones that can be annoying especially if you don’t dig that kind of tune. I usually have my 4-year old iPod handy incase I have to briefly escape to Hawaii, PNG or the pop world. Another annoying thing is feet on the seats – aaaah but it is written on the windows no feet on the seats! Either the person(s) is too lazy, illiterate or can’t read English – the common and major lingua franca of Great Britain! There are some really nice unexpected wonderful experiences like someone letting you have a seat because you are a Woman! or they figure you’re greying around the temples and therefore entitled to the Priority Seats which are almost near the doors – nevermind about being old and suffering the draught! But anyway, I get to read someone’s paper because you can either ask for it or pick up as soon as they put it down next to you – by the way these are the free papers. Once in awhile I run into one of my workmates which is rather rare but it does happen. The journey to and from work allows me to get in touch with myself, if you can imagine that – reflection of the day ahead, the day just gone by and some heavy duty stuff I should be focusing my energies on at the office or some deadline to meet. It allows me time to catch up with myself and that is not a bad thing in this day and age when you are rushing around like a headless chick – en.

Sometimes standing is not too uncomfortable...
Sometimes standing is not too uncomfortable...

Commuting for me is not too bad but some of my colleagues don’t like it when it’s crowded. Well I do too. But on my line the crowd thins out after the first 4 stops which are on the outskirts of Central London. I get to sit down – phew! But not so for some workmates who say when it’s standing room only they find their faces up someone’s armpit – and I try not to imagine that! Or pickpocketed – hey it happens. I was warned about pickpocketing (yes, here in London) last Friday night by a friend on our way to the tube station heading home that I must watch my knapsack and make sure it’s tightly closed. Good advice  – why? because it happened to her and it’s a good habit to develop. I think she mentioned it 3 times, so, well coming from her I sat up and listened and made sure my knapsack was tightly closed.  Don’t get me wrong – I had to adjust to riding on a train as opposed to walking to the office. Adjustment’s cool. No complaints there infact I am learning alot about life in London and the UK by getting on a train to and from the office and home. Commuting is a way of life when you have a job somewhere else and a home somewhere else. So the long and short of it is that it is a fact of life for the next 12 months. I also need to ensure that my Oyster card is topped up and ready for either the trains, tube or buses so I don’t have to find myself in a queue when I need to get to somewhere pronto. Commuting for me  is an interesting, sometimes satisfying and enjoyable experience in a weird kind of way perhaps when I got used to not saying a word for 30 mins to work and 30 mins on my way home. I think anyone can write a movie script, put a business plan together or develop an idea for a major bestseller because you are thinking and not chatting to anyone. If one’s experiencing writer’s block or something similar perhaps one could consider commuting. It could be a great way to get those creative juices going.

Bush Techie

At the office sometime in 2005

The idea of blogging is absolutely mindblowing and mindboggling! Mindblowing because of the possibilities and opportunities it represents. Mindboggling because it can be frustrating navigating on a website and at the sametime trying to use a computer as effectively as you can. Sometimes it feels like driving on a highway without a map or a sat nav. Last year about this time I did not know what a blog was or what twitter was all about. Well this year I’ve decided to participate in the 21st Century. Participate being the operative word! For me it was like, well if this is the way of the future, then fine. But on my own I did not have the motivation nor the inspiration to embark on this track to the unknown – and to do it willingly, hah! Well, meanwhile at my workplace the real techies were advancing towards cutting edge technological applications that I found absolutely amazing. But being true to myself as an adventurous island meri, I decided to find out more about what blogging was all about. My first and only office blog took the ‘top blog for the week’ title. Well from there my enterprising spirit took over I suppose and ”My Magic Moments’ was  born. From this experience I could perhaps safely say that if you are no techie like me it does help to know how to use a computer – a little more than one finger typing.


Hawaiian Dinner Cruise - Honolulu, Hawaii - Dec. 2008

Gudi! (pronounced ‘goooodie’)

This is my first ever blog intended mainly for family and friends, as a way of staying in touch and sharing my magic moments through words and pictures.

So what does ‘gudi’ mean?

It can mean a number of things but don’t be alarmed.

1.  The person addressing you is from the Milne Bay Province of Papua New Guinea.

2. A friendly and informal greeting among friends, family and close associates.

3. It is a lazy way of saying ‘good afternoon’ hence the ‘gudi’ part.

If you are in Milne Bay or anywhere in PNG you most probably will be greeted with a hearty ‘gudi’ in the supermarket, parking lot, on the phone or just about anywhere. It is spreading throughout the country as a common greeting but mostly used by people from Milne Bay. With the viral nature of slang the humble ‘gudi’ will no doubt one day be a common greeting amongst people not even remotely connected to Milne Bay. Hmm…