Wokabaut Long Brisbane

The City in the background. Crossed the bridge from South Bank. It was a relaxing walk and one I really enjoyed taking in the sights over the River.

When in Brisbane, one of Australia’s  beautiful cities, it is a  must to try the City Cat, many of these boats or catamarans ply the River and are a very convenient and inexpensive way to travel (no traffic!) or drop by one of its glitzy shopping streets in the heart of the city.

The City Cat - a very convenient, fast and inexpensive way to travel up and down River. Each of the Cats has an indigenous Australia name which is interesting and they have the explanations of names on board.

Walking along Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall, or  the shopping hub of the city and  for people like me – temporary visitors with a yearning to acquire something new for the wardrobe, kitchen or just taking in the sights and sounds of the City centre – can be a very pleasant after-work wokabaut.

One of the many eateries along the Queen Street Mall.

Friday afternoon after work is a good time to hang around the Mall area albeit for a short time, unless one wants to stay on for the evening and the many other attractions, especially restaurants in the vicinity which come alive in the night.

The fresh fruit juice stand. An an oasis alright.

I visited the fresh fruit juice stall. This is a real oasis for the thirsty. Walking around, window shopping or just taking in the sights on a Friday afternoon can leave you very thirsty especially on a hot and muggy afternoon.

Rock 'n Roll dancing - takes me back to the 60s - the music and all. The flaired skirts, shoes and stockings.

I watched some rock ‘n roll dancing (took me back to the 60s). The dancing was to promote a new shop that opened along the Mall. There was a long line of people enquiring about jobs etc that I decided I’d watch the dancing instead. Much more interesting I reckon.

Some views on the wokabaut before I made for my hotel in Toowong, upriver from the City.

Watching an artist at work at the start of the Queen Street Mall.
The many pieces of artwork displayed around the City.
Crossing over the bridge back to South Bank. So peaceful.
Looking back towards the City - in the foreground is the The Treasury building - and no, it is not a government building but you may run into a few public servants!
View from the walkway leading down to the jetty to catch the City Cat to Toowong.

My Friday afternoon wokabaut was too short but long enough to celebrate TGIF. 

I’ve been to Brisbane City many times in the past but on this particular trip I did a combination of things which added to my knowledge about the city and its attractions. 

Travelling up and down the river was something new. Just as walking across one of the many bridges over the Brisbane River with a camera, window-shopping around Queen Street  Mall, getting fresh fruit juice, the rock n’ roll dancing and so on. I was not in a tearing hurry to go anywhere except back to my hotel in Toowong.  

I guess armed with a DSLR digital camera puts Brisbane City in a different light for me. How many more did I miss out on this walk? Perhaps next time a night time wokabaut may be the new thing to do.

The City skyline at sunset. Breathtaking! Looking across from South Bank 2 jetty whilst waiting for the City Cat.

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