Doini Island Amid Turquoise Seas

The turquoise sea was so inviting – snared a couple of tempted ones on board to enjoy its magic.

The warm weather and the warm seas were so tempting as we approached the long jetty. What an eye-opener! This was Doini – at last. As a child Doini could well have been on another planet.

Could see the long jetty from the boat - beyond my expectations. Sooooo beautiful.

Everywhere I looked I could just see sea and a couple of sea gulls. I just took in the view and was overcome with a feeling of well-being. Here we were in the islands…sun, sand and sea.

Our good samaritan - the bird stayed put and didn't move.

Although hungry, we took the time to look around and took in the sights and sounds of Doini. I was most impressed with the layout of the resort. Just drank it all in…enough to drive away hunger, albeit momentarily.

I think an evening spent here would be really something – especially if the moon came out. The inspiration to write another song would encounter no difficulty in my mind.

Walking up to the main reception area. Impressive.
The main dining area and reception...there were no others except the eight of us. The ceiling panels were are major attraction and I reckon the best subject for dinner conversation

 The four ceiling panels were designed and painted by one of Milne Bay’s iconic artists, Sam Luguna. Absolutely briliant. I think he had to do a panel at time. One would need strong neck muscles. These are indeed brilliant works of art and what a strategic location in which to have them displayed.

A closer view of one of the panels. The other three panels also depict cultural symbols of other parts of PNG.

Luguna has his own art gallery in Alotau town and welcomes people who are interested in Milne Bay arts and crafts and of course his own brilliant artistic works.

Lunch beckoned with this impeccably laid table. It is the Doini Island hospitality.

 Well, after exploring the surrounding bungalows we settled down to a well-earned lunch.

A welcomed break from our island hopping. What a place...a hidden gem amid turquoise seas.

I will post some photos of the bungalows and more views of/from the resort. 

Getting to Doini on a fine day like this one is easy. Early morning flight to Gurney (Alotau) International Airport, then to Driftwood Resort, then on a dinghy that has a canopy so don’t worry about sunburn, then a little over an hour’s journey southeast through the China Straits and Samarai Island then you’re on Doini Island. The length of the boat trip would depend on how calm the seas are.

Whatever day you choose to visit, Doini Island beckons…….


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