En Route To Doini Island

I am not sure which villages these are but I think it is towards Boiduhana, Logea Kalo

We left Kwato around midday and once again glided across on glassy seas   towards Doini Island. I’ve never been to Doini Island believe it or not before this day trip so I was equally as excited as my fellow daytrippers.

The photo above is of Logea Island across from Kwato Island. Logea is the island that inspired Uncle Robert and late Cousin Nasona to pen the song ‘Discover the Island’ found on one of Salima’s albums. It does conjure up in one’s mind the moonlight nights on these islands,
‘”Have you ever been to eastern shores of Papua,
Discover the island, across the China Straits…”
Then it goes on to say…
“As we reached the island and walk along the shore,
Side by side we walk holding hands beneath the island sky, 
Then we stood together beneath the golden moon and you lean to me and whisper,
Whispering the words, saying I love you”…
Eni kapole saha sabidi.

We cruised past the island of Logea (bigger than Kwato Island). The tip of the island north-facing – that is Logea Pwata. The white sandy shores are a common feature on these islands except the southern part of Logea which boasts of soft black sand.

I had never seen this part of Logea and took this shot of the kunai grass on the hill.

A kunai grassy knoll...could one imagine a guesthouse or a seafood restaurant on this location - what great panoramic island views this location would command.

I was amazed as we cruised by this part of Logea Island towards Gonubalabala. Now this is an interesting place, Gonubalabala, because one of its attractions apart from its natural beauty, is a ‘cleaning station’ for manta rays. Apparently this is a must see feature. Unfortunately, it must be seasonal because we didn’t see anything, and this was early November, 2010.

Gonubalabala - white sandy beach but no manta rays...too bad. A view from our boat.

We were looking forward to witness this awesome sight, the cleaning manta rays, but alas it was not to be. The fish were nowhere to be found so we cruised on to Doini Island which was our destination.  Anchored off the shore at Gonubalabala was the M.V. Chertan.

Imagine a snooze on M.V. Chertan on a lazy afternoon - that would be something...

We slowed down just to take in the view, feel the sea breeze and just enjoy being out on a boat and ‘discovering’ for ourselves new ‘destinations’ as we commit them to memory to share them with family, friends and colleagues when we return to Port Moresby.

Approaching Doini Island…aaahhhh what can I say…just beamed from ear to ear…

So you see, before you convince yourself that Port Moresby is PNG, think again! You will be pleasantly surprised to find that this land of islands and mountains is not only a treasure trove, but as one commentary stated ‘a naturalist’s wonderland’, and a sure place to spend that holiday you’ve been saving up for.

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