Friday Evening Under UPNG Skies


Beyond the silhouette of these uprights were these beautiful hues…

The last time I was on the campus of the University of PNG was a couple of weeks ago when I made a presentation on the theme of ‘what will make PNG a No. 1 tourist destination’. Well on that night I ended up singing a few of my songs! And I went there to talk! On Friday, 7th October, I was a participant in the last session of Anthropology Week discussions – a slightly different but an important related area to tourism development in PNG. The session was on ‘Contemporary Art and Public Institutions’. It was a passionate, heartfelt and thought-provoking discussion. I learnt much from other artists and art lovers who attended the session and shared their views and thoughts.

The Ulli Bier Building complex.

The session went well beyond 4.00pm and we closed just after 5.00pm. I realized that it would be pointless to go back to the office which was about 15-20 minutes drive away so decided to stay around and join others who were congregating in a wonderful little courtyard within a building complex close to the Ulli Bier building.

Scanning the once kunai covered area - what a transformation!

As we headed towards the courtyard I was taken by the sunset and the peaceful surroundings.

A small place to catch one's breath were grass and trees once were graced the grounds.

I found myself reaching for my faithful Panasonic Lumix camera as we ventured beyond the Arts Lecture theatre onto what looks like a playing field with a wide expanse of grass albeit brown grass. But who cares! I was automatically drawn to the beauty of the surrounding hills and the peaceful part of the campus which was just kunai grass when I was a student there in the mid-70s.

These buildings look like new additions - looking back where we came

My mind wondered back to those days and the many happy memories I had and the many wonderful experiences at UPNG growing up as an 18-year old Milne Bay lass.

Mural on the east side of the Ulli Bier building

My two colleagues and I were taken on a tour of the grounds by our friend and facilitator of our discussions that afternoon, Dr. N. Garnier.

Just so peaceful...

What a lovely relaxing way to spend Friday evening walking around these grounds which were once coveredd with eucalyptus trees and kunai grass.

'A long and winding road...' not!
This sight of the sunset against this palm tree was so bittersweet - the fence with its sharp pointed steel bars was such a contrast at the end of the brief tour...

Later we joined others in the courtyard for a hearty meal. The start of my weekend couldn’t have been better.

This is the life! a community of artists and art lovers sharing creative thoughts under tropical skies...

Author: islandmeri

Life is a journey which I enjoy. Here I share my passion for helping others, music, ideas, inspiring things, and interesting places and people. It's my cool hangout.

2 thoughts on “Friday Evening Under UPNG Skies”

  1. Thank you for these photos, brought back many memories for me. I have not seen the new murals on the Ulli Beier building….very colorful. The image with the spiked fence against the sunset is very appropriate of the contrasts and paradoxes of contemporary life….very powerful..,.

    1. Hi Pamela,

      Thanks for visiting. Yes, many of the buildings are new to me. Yes, the”‘contrasts and paradoxes of contemporary life…” are all around us in POM and elsewhere.

      Have a great evening.


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