Views Of Port Moresby On A Dull Day

A couple of weeks ago I took these shots of  Port Moresby from the road leading up to Paga Hill  facing Fairfax Harbour. It was a dull and overcast day so the photos may look a bit dreary.

Dreary but peaceful...
Major civil works near the Royal Papua Yacht Club towards Konedobu and the Poreporena Freeway.

Been up this way (toward Paga Hill) before but never paid much attention to the road or surrounds until I ventured up there albeit not all the way to the top given time constraints. So many things have changed. Especially places that I used to know are no longer there or have changed in way or another. The road to Paga Hill on this particular day was a long lonely road. It seemed weird at that time of the day but I guess that’s what Port Moresby is like now.

Looking towards Napanapa.

So many changes have made the place not only unrecognizable in some places but also quite depressing. So many historical buildings that gave Port Moresby her special charm and warmth as a city are gone.

This is a government office...believe it or not! Is this building going to benefit from the anticipated millions expected from the LNG project.

I felt a lump in my throat and realised how strange the place feels now. Thought about the restaurants, the movie theatres such as the Papuan Theatre, bookshops and gift shops and felt really nostalgic. I guess the dull and overcast day didn’t do much for my spirits.

Inspite of these feelings of nostalgia, my keen amateur photographer’s eye did not miss the opportunity to capture some of the views of the harbour and downtown Port Moresby.

Fairfax Harbour - one of the few natural harbours in the world.
Views towards Fisherman's Island - tranquility
The 'Hiri Chief' berthed at another wharf below Paga Hill and a little ways from the container wharf.
Views over Douglas Street, downtown Port Moresby
This new building is just up from the site of the former Royal Papua Hotel and a little ways down from the Crowne Plaza. I remember a lovely coffee shop and a hair salon on this site. These are long gone. 
Bank of South Pacific - bought off the former PNGBC
Pacific Place along Champion Parade, on the site of the former Papua pub/bar and next to Stop 'n' Shop formerly Steamships.
Deloitte Towers - cant remember what was there before - the library and theatre?

Unfortunately, I cannot remember where most of the old buildings were located. I am sure someone will come along with a historical map of Port Moresby that should tell us where the old buildings were. They are part of our heritage but with very little preservation of historical buildings in this city I wonder if we will ever recreate the charm and warmth of the city of Port Moresby – once a duty free port.

The million Kina question now is: what would it take to bring back the old charm and vibrant character of this city by the sea – Port Moresby?

Author: islandmeri

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4 thoughts on “Views Of Port Moresby On A Dull Day”

  1. You would have seen the construction being undertaken for the new Grand Papua Hotel where the old Royal Papua Hotel was – owned by Mr Suckling I believe. The new hotel looks like it will be a boutique hotel in the class of Airways – very flash!

  2. I personally dislike seeing highriser buildings because they go along with the individualization of life. Port Moresby seems to be growing with little sense of planning…or creating buildings that reflect a indigenous sense of place. The new is replacing the old without a sense of historicity? Sad to see the growing debris and pollution of Ela Beach and other once beautiful beaches.

  3. I like this latest listing. I lived in Moresby from 73 to 78.
    I enjoyed my time there – my last suburb was!!!!! Sabama which I also liked.
    I then moved to Milne Bay which for me is ever best.

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