Underwater Beads Of Turquoise

Amazing sight to behold...

This is the first time I’ve been able to focus on the scenes outside the aircraft instead of reading or sleeping. I was overwhelmed by this sight of underwater ‘land’ formations.

Absolutely beautiful...

As I looked down I kept on wondering when these are likely to surface above the sea and whether or not these are good fishing grounds if fisherman could reach them from nearby fishing communities.

Beads of turquoise below...

I wasn’t sure whether I was looking at the Australian Great Barrier Reef or other reefs off  it. I reckon the Australian Great Barrier should be classified as a ‘wonder of the world’ if it hasn’t already been made one.

Actually, another thought crossed my mind: these were probably the late- comers. Islands late in surfacing because they have being submerged under the ice during the Ice Age…an interesting thought I s’ppose. Not scientifically proven though so that thought remains a thought. Hmmm…

The view was mersmering and interesting thinking about these submerged future lands

Were these the missing bits that once joined the continent of Australia with the island of New Guinea? or are they new bits. Hmmm… Could probably get a few politicians scratching their heads about a future ‘merger’… yikes!

I decided to look for more information on these awesome reef formations in the Coral Sea and found this website which gives a pretty good description of the underwater turquoise chain of reefs which are visible from a few thousand feet above the sea.

Author: islandmeri

Life is a journey which I enjoy. Here I share my passion for helping others, music, ideas, inspiring things, and interesting places and people. It's my cool hangout.

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