They All Race In The Yellow Kayaks…

“Manus will be the kayak capital of the world”…that came from the man who was organizing the provincial kayak competition as part of the Independence anniversary week’s celebrations. I don’t doubt that they will become just that. Their aim is to have a provincial, national and then an international kayak competition – I could actually see this happening. These guys are serious! Dead serious.

Idyllic setting...potential kayaking competition venue perhaps?

After the formalities of the morning (14/9/2010) we took the time to watch one of the heats of the kayaking championships. What a privilege to be witnesses to this growing sport taken seriously by Manus islanders. Who’s to say this sport cannot take other maritime provinces by storm.

Kayaking anyone?

We watched as more intending competitors registered to take part in the conpetition.

They're off to the starting point...

These four competitors – 2 in one kayak – got ready to go out to the starting buoys.

The race was soon underway and there was yelling and laughter as the supporters of each team urged there team closer to the shore. We joined in the laughter and clapped hands for the winner. Here on this day I felt most grateful to be here in Manus to witness this competion and to be in the fresh air surrounded by sea.

No they are not at a baptism...they're timekeepers for the competitors

A few years ago Manus hosted the international kayaking championships. It seems like the bug has truly taken over and why not. Manus boasts some of the most breathtaking waterways I’ve ever seen.

Here come the winners!
The guys on the left didn't do too well...but there's always a second time...

The future of kayaking competitions in the tropics, here in Manus Island, is guaranteed to be world class. Support them and give them time and we might all be pleasantly and proudly surprised. Let’s make it happen!

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