The Magic Of Manus

Awesome artwork!

Today’s trip to Manus was delayed by 2 hours at Port Moresby Domestic Airport. But the excitement was mounted as I counted the minutes to take-off. I decided to take photos of these lovely wall paintings and wander around to kill time.

In a short bout of impatience, I approached the guys at the departure gates about 10am or thereabouts to ask about a new flight time as our flight PX220 was supposed to have departed for Manus at 9.05am. The fellow assured me that  flight would leave about 11.00am-ish. That was good enough for me.

After what seemed like ages our flight was announced and we filed out towards the tarmac…and Manus.

This is my first time to Manus. I have so many friends from Manus and some members of my extended family are from Manus or at least one parent was from Manus.

Approaching Manus, I took some photos as we approached one of the most beautiful string of islands I’ve ever had the privilege to behold.

Land sighted! The first island I saw as we approached Los Negros island where Momote airport is located.
An awesome welcome to Manus
Over Momote Airport
Circling to land. Momote Airport in the background.
The two turquoise 'pools' below added to the natural beauty of the place.
Coming in to land...excitement mounts...yeah Manus at long last!
Terra firma at last...Manus here we come!
PX 220 Fokker of the new additions to the Air Niugini fleet.

So we arrived in Manus on a hot, sunny day. I was so happy as I contemplated what was in our programme for the day. In the exhilaration that I felt for a new province to add to my list of PNG provinces visited so far, the 2-hour delay in Port Moresby was a distant memory.

Author: islandmeri

Life is a journey which I enjoy. Here I share my passion for helping others, music, ideas, inspiring things, and interesting places and people. It's my cool hangout.

2 thoughts on “The Magic Of Manus”

  1. Thank you gd you have brought some very fond memories of Los Negros to this old salt… You brought tears to my old eyes…

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