On The House…

The power outtage today lasted over 4 hours.

The result of this was lunch about 2pm-ish for all guests and a curry dinner about 8.00pm-ish again for hotel guests. Both meals were compliments  of the house! It was a barbeque lunch – chicken drumsticks, sausage, a pork chop, coleslaw, potato salad (one of the best I’ve tasted in my life!) and bread rolls with butter. Now that was one complimentary lunch! Thank you much, A team.

Forgot that one could have a bbq anytime of the week...it's always bbq weather!

Mindful of my waistline which is somewhere between ‘around the world in 80 days’ and ‘…halfway there…’  sort of thing, I did not have the bread rolls and butter. Actually, I am quite proud of myself for steeling myself against temptation. Well, let ruth be told, I’ve weaned myself off bread, so there you go, nevermind. No power/electricity for about 6 hours instead of the 4 hours initially envisaged. I paid a brief visit to the grocery shop in the late afternoon and passed the time that way. I took my time to check out the aisles and was rewarded with a few pleasant surprise…for instance, I picked up a Swiss Maid hot choc packet in the aisle that says food from America…wow! There was Betty Crocker packet cakes etc it was a discovery alright! and this is Port Moresby! Oh yes, I found Indonesian garlic chips – akin to the Chinese prawn chips – flavoured pellets that when dropped into hot oil would fan out like large round crisps. It was good to pass the time that way.  It also rained cats and dogs, lightening and thunder…ugh but that’s the tropics for you! As a result of the longer wait for electricity again, we were again served a curry dinner, was on the house! Now that was indeed a wonderful sumptuous surprise. There was rice, Goan fish curry, chicken masala and dhal veggie curry complete with pappadams, roti, chutney and salad. I really enjoyed the meal and am so grateful for such generosity. I was inconvenience by a power blackout over half of Sunday but the free dinner is most gratefully accepted. The lights came on at 8.00pm and with it three complimentary curry dishes…3 different curries. Thank you Management and the A team for the complimentary meals today.

Author: islandmeri

Life is a journey which I enjoy. Here I share my passion for helping others, music, ideas, inspiring things, and interesting places and people. It's my cool hangout.

2 thoughts on “On The House…”

  1. Thank you EP my wan. Perhaps the PNG bloggers can get together sometime next month after the celebrations.What do you think?

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