Hungry Eyes, But…

Pleasing to the eyes...

A couple of weeks ago I was really hungry so I went to my local supermarket cafe to get a bite to eat at lunchtime. Actually brunch. The cafe area is arranged in such a way so that you grab a tray and pick what you want from the buffet then pay at the end of the line – at the cashier.

As I stood in line, the first thing that attracted my two big brown eyes was this sweet thing – a cream bun of sorts. I stood there debating whether to put it on my tray or to resist the desire and just walk past it. I decided that less was healthy so I walked past it but first I took a shot of it so I can at least remember how I resisted great temptation.

Loads of cream weakens the knees...

There was quite a range of sweets and they all looked delicious. I stopped long enough to take this photo too, conscious that people were queuing up behind me. I walked past this one as well. I did not indulge my desire for sweets that day and funnily enough, did not feel deprived at all.

Had I picked up one or the other it would have been because my eyes were bigger than my stomach. That was it – I had hungry eyes!

The lesson I learnt from this experience was that instead of taking food or whatever tickles my fancy or taste buds as in this case, I’d take a photo to remind me that I had triumphed over temptation. Now that makes me happy.

Author: IslandMeri

I am based in Port Moresby, the capital city of Papua New Guinea. The purpose of this blog is to share my magic moments in Papua New Guinea, elsewhere in the Pacific and the world. I have many creative pursuits - singing, songwriting, amateur photography and blogging.

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