My, My, My, My Mushroom…

Lovely stuffed with Leicester or Emmenthal cheese and washed down with a glass of cold apple juice.

When I was growing up on Kwato Island, Milne Bay Province in Papua New Guinea I would join my grandmother to look for mushroom in the forest or woods. In the Suau language, they are called ‘he’eahe’eawa’ (hair hair wuh). She told me that these were the most nutritious things to eat. They were too as far as I could recall, and I guess that knowledge stayed with me ever since.

Delicious anytime, anyday...

In 2oo3  I sampled some local mushrooms in northeastern Thailand. They were absolutely delicious – fried in high heat and lightly seasoned. We had a basketful of fried mushrooms which we shared on the bus as we travelled around looking at a number of small cottage industries and rural development projects in this area. The basket of mushrooms was empty in a matter of minutes…was a great snack and nutritious too!

Mushroom is a great source of protein and many other nutrients. Some mushrooms are edible but some are very poisonous. There are many varieties of mushroom and truffles which make beautiful dishes such as this one from Jamie Oliver. The qualities of mushrooms are numerous and thank goodness we can eat a lot of the varieties.

One of the many varieties of mushroom available in specialist food stores in London

In June 2010, London:  I came across these beauties in a specialist food store I visited recently. The label on the shelf  read ‘mushroom chicken of the wood’. Yes, these would be tasty no doubt in my mind.

Sometimes I buy fresh mushrooms for Sunday morning breakfast as a worthy accompaniment to a lightly spiced omelette. Delicious always. So meaty and filling – my, my, my, my mushroom…

I remembered my forays into the island woods with my grandmother…and the feast of exotic food of the woods that usually followed. Those were the days…

Author: islandmeri

Life is a journey which I enjoy. Here I share my passion for helping others, music, ideas, inspiring things, and interesting places and people. It's my cool hangout.

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