Incredible, Edible Petals!

Edible flowers...

I’ve seen bits of flower petals in salads and some dishes in my travels but never packeted and displayed on a shop shelf. Well, this little beauty was in the basement grocery and wine ‘cellar’ of Fortnum and Mason – an iconic London store straddling the Piccadilly and Jermyn Streets.

I found this table on a website on the net which shows which flowers or blooms are edible. I realise that I’ve used or am using some of them. I take hot Camomile tea from time to time – it is an excellent soothing beverage for a tummy ache. I tried it when I was a student in the US and it worked, so I swear by it as a wonderful cure for a tummy ache. Others may think differently.

I also found these beautiful images of edible or eatable flowers on the net. When I was growing up I found that the most beautiful looking seashells, coral, fish and even fruit are inedible or poisonous. This became a sort of negative mantra for me when it came to being adventurous with exotic fruits in later years. So I was amused but pleasantly surprised that packeted flowers are sold in a grocery section of a posh store as edible blooms. Perhaps not so surprised anymore  I guess when I imagine that these beautiful petals or blooms could be in someone’s salad, meat or fish dish. Hmmm…wonder what they’d taste like with my favourite pasta dish or to pretty up a boring rissotto. Perhaps get some ideas from this article.

I remember when visiting friends in Maryland, New South Wales, Australia – the lady of the house of this wonderful and welcoming family made some stuffed pumpkin flowers for dinner. It was a delicious meal. What’s more the flowers came from the pumpkin patch in the family vegetable garden at the back of the house. Yeah, how fresh can you get, right? Incredible, edible petals!

So I have tasted edible flowers…funny how one forgets.

For adventurous souls out there here is an Italian pumpkin flower recipe. Enjoy!

Author: islandmeri

Life is a journey which I enjoy. Here I share my passion for helping others, music, ideas, inspiring things, and interesting places and people. It's my cool hangout.

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