Juicy Melon On A Hot Day

A slice of that and I am cured of thirst...

It was so hot this morning. Must have been about 28 degrees – almost Port Moresby weather. I was returning from an errand and as I stepped off the bus, my mind was on one thing and that was to have some fruit that will quench my thirst as well as be lunch.

Loved the pieces of melon

It was so hot and the air was dry. There were some shops opposite the bus stop which looked promising in terms of perhaps having some melons for sale. Well, I was in luck. The first thing I saw was half a melon. It looked so inviting and juicy and just the thing I was looking to buy on a hot day like this.

Simply delish!

I asked the gentleman behind the counter to cut a quarter of the half a melon. This were huge melons – don’t know where they came from – but considering that I’ll be the only one enjoying it, a quarter of the wonderful thirst quencher was sufficient. I paid for the quarter slice and felt really happy and with great anticipation for a fruity lunch.

Just the thing for a hot day...

Well, I hurried home, sliced the melon and practically inhaled the lovely fruit. It was just as I imagined – a delicious, juicy melon for a hot day.

Author: islandmeri

Life is a journey which I enjoy. Here I share my passion for helping others, music, ideas, inspiring things, and interesting places and people. It's my cool hangout.

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