On Parade In The Park

The message, hard-hitting in the face...innovative

I walked out of the Green Park tube station one morning and these were in Green Park – colourful elephant sculptures. After work on my way home that evening, I stopped and had a close look. I found the reason why these sculptures were in the Park. This was no show or some artist displaying their artwork. Well, in a way they are an exhibition of artistic creations and some.


The display is called the Elephant Parade London. A stunning parade in the Park if there ever was one – elephants on parade. To the organizers, designers and artistics, donors, the volunteers who brought these meaningful sculptures to Green Park. An awesome job. Well done!

I think this has to be the most creative and innovative way to get the same message of conservation across to the general public. This is the kind of in-your-face type advertising that brings home the conservation message to ordinary people who share those same concerns but who neither read nor write high falutin’, jargonistic messages or even bother to read at all! Am one of those. Bringing the serious message this way is a surefire way of getting it into the consciousness of everyone who share the same concerns about conservation of animals like elephants and other fauna and flora.

The use of elephant sculptures to bring their own conservation appeal to a greater audience and man on the street is to me a great way to reach a cross-section of the community. The approach is also a good way of converting the indifferent and fence-sitters on conservation issues. I found more information on this website on this stunning display.

Attracted young and old

It is also so heartening to know that this method of spreading this important conservation message for the Asian  elephant attracts people of all ages. Each generation must know about conservation – the responsibility is for now and always.

Author: islandmeri

Life is a journey which I enjoy. Here I share my passion for helping others, music, ideas, inspiring things, and interesting places and people. It's my cool hangout.

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