72 Years Today: Happy Anniversary…

72 years and counting...

The Queensbury Methodist Church (QMC) in Edgware, Middlesex celebrated its 72nd anniversary in Queensbury. The Church began in a small shop near the Queensbury tube station. The  Church moved when it purchased a piece of land on which the present Church building was constructed. The new Church first opened its doors for worship in 1938.

I really enjoyed the anniversary service today was really so grateful that I could be there. It was interactive and there was an air of celebration about. We sang Happy Birthday in honor of the anniversary and also for Church members whose birthdays were in April and in May so far.

I enjoyed the inspiring spiritual message from the pulpit today...

What I took from the service one of two key messages from the Minister’s sermon. One was for change. What changes had taken place within the past 72 years and what changes need to take place for the next 30 plus years to come. It seemed that there have been many positive changes within the Church and outside the Church which should be built on or strengthened.

The second message which touched me was to spread the word of God as a Methodist. To go back to the basics when John Wesley preached the word of God. To open our doors and our minds to others who may be wanting in their faith.  What a fitting mission.

The community that surrounds QMC is 36% Christian and 36% Hindu according to the 2001 Census. This is interesting demographics. There are about 270,000 Methodists in the United Kingdom and 75 million in 130 countries.

After the service we all gathered at the Morecombe Taylor Hall for a communal lunch. Everyone brought something to share. It was such a lovely way to celebrate the anniversary.

The variety of yummy morsels speaks to the cultural diversity in the QMC..
Dessert smashed any iota of will power...am not complaining...
Washed down the good stuff with fruit juices...did hit the spot!

I left feeling blessed and satisfied with the food, fellowship and the challenge of dealing positively with change that is inevitable  for our membership and the Church in the coming days, weeks and months.

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