An Arch Of Colour

Arch of colour...

I saw this rainbow on the second afternoon I was in Milton Keynes. I walked into the parking lot infront of my hotel and then just looked into the sky and there in the distance was this wonderful sight.  To me a rainbow is an arch of colour.

My, oh my, what memories it conjured up. Whenever I see a rainbow I couldn’t help remembering what someone once said to me when I was growing up – that there was a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Well, that was ages ago. I still wonder though where the end of the rainbow is.

When I was in Grade 5, I remembered reading a great rainbow poem by Christina Rossetti (1830 – 1894) called “The Rainbow”. Below are the words of this poem, another favourite.

“Boats sail on the rivers,

And ships sail on the seas;

But clouds that sail across the seas

Are prettier than these.

There are bridges on the rivers,

As pretty as you please;

But the bow that bridges heaven,

And overtops the trees,

And builds a road from earth to sky,

Is prettier far than these.”

Nowadays, I also relate the rainbow to the song from the Wizard of Oz and late brother Iz, one of the famous sons of Hawaii belting out his beautiful ukulele rendition of “Somewhere over the Rainbow”.

Author: islandmeri

Life is a journey which I enjoy. Here I share my passion for helping others, music, ideas, inspiring things, and interesting places and people. It's my cool hangout.

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