The Luxury Of Hot Chocolate

Yummy beverage, anytime of the day...

A long time ago I discovered that if there’s any hot beverage I’d champion it would have to be hot chocolate. The taste of hot chocolate when made beautifully and diligently can be as luxurious as a cashmere shawl on a cold Winter’s day.

There aren’t many places in London where I can find hot chocolate that is well-balanced, not so sweet and not too much milk. In most cases I ask for a mug of hot chocolate and hope for the best. I am sometimes pleasantly surprised that the hot chocolate I am served in a restaurant or cafe is of the right blend and of course enjoyable.

I can never remember which eating places serve the best hot chocolate. But I can say that everytime I go for a meal I cannot wait to dive into a mug of hot chocolate that has oodles of cream on top and a rich chocolate taste. Now when I am served with that kind of hot chocolate all I can see and feel is the luxury of it all.

Hot chocolate came to England in the 17th Century. The English added milk to their chocolate and that was the birth of hot chocolate trendy as an after dinner beverage. Nowadays it is a drink that is available anytime of the day or night in eating establishments (most).

Here’s how we got to hot chocolate. I found this video from the History Channel to be most educational and fun to watch. It explains the origins of chocolate.

Author: islandmeri

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