Worship At St Andrew’s, Soham

Churches are a common sight throughout the UK. Some are very beautiful and ornate inside. I just love the stained glass windows and internal features of the churches which I’ve had the opportunity to visit. 

On Good Friday afternoon we arrived at the Church early so we looked around and stopped to pray at the prayer corner. We also met the Vicar of the Church. Then followed the service at 2.00pm that afternoon. Part of the worship programme featured a reading of The Passion. I observed that they were all women except for the Vicar. The congregation read out the soldiers’ parts. I quite enjoyed that. We followed the service book for Good Friday worship – different. There was no sermon as such. The only downside was that the Church was so cold – I was really uncomfortable but I reflected that my quiet shivering was nothing compared to the message and meaning of Good Friday – that calmed me and put my mind in the right perspective. At the end of the service, we said goodbye to the Vicar and left. 

During Good Friday and Easter, I attended services in three churches in Cambridgeshire and St Andrew’s Church in Soham was one of them. I took some shots of the external and internal features of St Andrew’s Church at Soham which I found simply beautiful architecturally and aesthetically. 





St Andrew’s Church as we know it now has a very interesting history and may have been the site of so many other religious buildings before it that date back to about 700AD. A couple of websites provide the history of the present day church: http://www.britainexpress.com; http://www.sohamandwicken.org.uk; among many others. 

Stained glass depicting St Felix, an important figure in the religious history of Soham


Entrance to the Church


Walking up to the entrance of the Church.


As we got into the car and drove out of the parking lot, I couldn’t help but imagine and in some way felt proud and privileged that I had walked on the grounds of a Church that is of great religious significance in Soham, a place I’ve never even heard of until a couple of hours before the Good Friday service that afternoon. I even had lunch at The Fountain which is still standing was formerly the White Lion in the 17th Century and there was another building on this site in the 16th Century. One of the famous weddings took place in this Church. The wedding of Olaudah Equiano (in an earlier post some days ago) and Susannah Cullen on 7 April, 1792. Sites of cultural significance for Soham – the present day Church and The Fountain.

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