Almost Missed This…

Where it started for some...


 We almost didn’t see the entrance of the House until it was in our faces. Wesley House is the theological training colleges for Methodist pasters and ministers within Cambridge University. It’s amazing that John Wesley has never visited Wesley House – find out why at   

In 1891 the Methodist Church of Australia established a Methodist Mission at Salamo, on Fergusson Island (Dobu) in the Milne Bay Province., Papua New Guinea. There is also a high school called the Wesley (Salamo) High School run locally by the Methodist Mission and they probably are still running and funding it under local church leadership.   

Some of the girls I grew up with went to Wesley High School while I attended Cameron (now Alotau) High School in the mid 1960s. The closest I got to Methodism then was learning some Christian hymns in the Dobu language. I remembered the Sunday evenings when we had hymn singing in the six major languages of the Milne Bay Province: Dobu (Fergusson Island), Misima, Kiriwina, Wedau, Tawala and Suau (my mother tongue).   

Awesome discovery...


Just standing looking at these buildings I wondered what sort of briefing the trainees received of the people in the far-flung areas of the world. What sort of feedback was received from Methodists who were based in various Methodist Missions around the world especially from Milne Bay?   

I was so glad to have stumbled onto this important historical establishment of the Methodist Church. Unfortunately, didn’t have the time to visit. Perhaps next time.   

Almost walked by it...

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3 thoughts on “Almost Missed This…”

    1. Hi Bob,

      Sincere apologies for not seeing your message. Thank you for visiting my blogsite. I have not been to Salamo but many of my relatives went to high school there in the mid-60s. A fine place no doubt and yes, great memories too for those who had the opportunity to go to Salamo such as your good self.

      Best wishes,

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