Easter Break The Doggie Way

After the Good Friday service in Cambridge we headed northeast for Soham. We asked the vicar of Soham about places to have lunch before the service that afternoon. He recommended this pub, The Fountain near St Andrew Church where the afternoon service was to be held.

Just what we needed to have lunch...

According to the annals of Soham history, The Fountain was called The White Lion about early 17th Century. Then it was renamed The Fountain during the early part of the 19th Century circa 1825 and 1835.  Read about its history at http://www.sohamroots.co.uk.

We decided to go in an check it. Upon entering the pub we were warmly welcomed and piped music was featuring rock music from a bygone era which was real music to my ears followed later by Bob Marley’s reggae sounds.

After lunch we had a little time to kill so we just chatted and enjoyed the music sat at our table. I looked down towards the fireplace and there, was a lovely tender sight before my very eyes! This dog was enjoying the warmth of the woodfire with not a care in the world and why not. I did not ask for the dog’s name but certainly a lesson right there.  Easter break is a time for relaxation – whether lying infront of an open logfire with a nice book, listening to a favourite genre of music etc. The picture of luxury right there was not lost on me. Beautiful sight to behold – a doggie Easter break.

Chillin' infront of a warm wood fire...

Last Saturday I had to rush into the city centre in Cambridge to pick up an SD card reader so I could upload my photos onto my computer. I had seen a Jessops the day before which was Good Friday so thought I should look for the shop because they are sure to have a range of card readers (SD etc card readers) – handy gadgets. We had kinda lost our way to St Andrew The Great Church on Good Friday and on the way I spotted the shop. Just as well as we were in a kind of a hurry on Saturday en route to Huntingdon and didn’t want to waste time looking for one little thing – important though. Quickly found the shop and bought the gadget.

What an endearing sight...dog busking

Anyway, on my way back to the car I almost missed this endearing sight. As I stepped into and amongst the jostling Saturday shopping and hanging-out crowd, I noticed that a dog was ‘howling’ like to music. I stopped momentarily steadied my eyes and trained my ears to where the sound was coming from. There lo and behold! a dog ‘singing’ to the accompaniment of music. I did not ask for his/her name and wish I had as he/she had a personality of his/her own.  I could be one hell of an owner of a dog like that. But hey, staying true to myself I don’t think I have the patience to own a pet and secondly, I don’t think I’d give my dog singing lessons.

The Cool One. Attracted lots of admirers, me included

He/She looks like a professional performing for all to hear. There were many a tender smile as they walked by the singing sensation, and I was no exception.

What a weekend of lessons from two different dogs – one in Soham and one in Cambridge. This was Easter break in 2010, the doggie way.

Author: islandmeri

Life is a journey which I enjoy. Here I share my passion for helping others, music, ideas, inspiring things, and interesting places and people. It's my cool hangout.

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