Two Fanta-bulous Slices

What did I have for Easter Sunday lunch today? My short straight answer is Fidget Pie and Victoria Sponge Cake.

For Easter lunch today I had Fidget Pie and Victoria Sponge Cake at the Redwoods Restaurant at the Anglesey Abbey. There were several other familiar things to choose from such as roast beef and Yorkshire pudding but not for this Samarai meri. I went for my version of English exotica amongst other traditional culinary delights.

This pie with the weird name is making a comeback, big time...

Up to this time, since we started our Easter break on Maundy Thursday, I’ve promised myself that I’ll consciously try some new English dishes no matter how unfamiliar and strange sounding they may be. Well, here was Easter Sunday and we have just driven in from Church in Chesterton. I couldn’t resist the temptation to try this new dish so I dived right in. Well, what did I think? I think I’ll have it again when I travel these parts again hopefully come Spring or Summer this year. This is the time when all the flowers and flowering trees are in bloom at the Anglesey Abbey Gardens. The restaurant no doubt would be crowded probably more so than today. Humanity just flowed in and I don’t know whether the Fidget Pie had something to do with it. If that is going to be the case I may as well order my Fidget Pie online!

So the big question is, what is Fidget Pie? What a name! No-one really knows why and how the pie earned itself such a bizarre name. There are lots of stories about it but I found the ones given in this blog to be the most entertaining as well as having a recipe to try out if one is a culinary adventurer or a budding one. What did it taste like? Let me see, it had potatoes and possibly some apples as well as meat that tasted like corned beef. It was served cold with a salad. Did not care much for the salad but the pie was a hit and it hit the spot since I was carrying around an empty belly having skipped breakfast inorder to make it to Church on timein the morning. It being Easter Sunday we didn’t want to miss the service.

Another English exotic: the slice that conquered my palate....

I also tried a new dessert too. New that is, for me. It was the Victoria Sponge Cake. This cake earned it’s name from the many tea parties that Queen Victoria had hosted as a widow on the Isle of Wight. The tea parties were to strengthen and perk up her spirits following the death of her beloved husband Prince Albert’s death in 1861. Hence the beginning of teatime and Victoria sponge cakes. These wonder-licious sponge cakes are a rage throughout the UK as a teatime favourite. Besides, I am more than happy to allow this cake to grace my palate. Check out the story and recipe at

I am so glad I tried two new traditional English delights today: two fanta-bulous slices. As the saying goes, when in England eat as the English do…right? Yes, done.

Author: islandmeri

Life is a journey which I enjoy. Here I share my passion for helping others, music, ideas, inspiring things, and interesting places and people. It's my cool hangout.

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