Ushering In Spring

'Voices in Partnership' - the main choir of the JLP Music Society

This evening I went to Cadogan Hall at Sloane Square just a stop from Victoria Station to see the John Lewis Partnership Music Society’s Spring Concert. They performed the Dvorak ‘New Symphony’ Orff Carmina Burana.

A great evening of song and music...

The acoustics at Cadogan Hall were fantastic. I was amazed that most of the people who were performing are all co-workers within the John Lewis Partnerhip. The Cavendish Ensemble is the orchestra to the Music Society. The orchestra’s conductor is Manvinder Rattan and has been the Musical Director for the JLP Music Society for 15 years. The JLP Music Society has been in existence since about 1925 so that’s like 85 years and growing, I reckon. There were three solo performances from the fantabulous soprano with the voice of an angel, Natalie Clifton-Griffith, to a Tenor and a Bass. Absolutely amazing performances from these three too.

In the brief write-up of the choir, it says the JLP Music Society exists, “to give Partners diverse opportunities for making and sharing music”. Voices in Partnership performs at Christmas, Easter and Early Summer. This choir has performed internationally and is now a musical force to be reckoned with.

We were not allowed to take photos during the performances but I managed to take some when they were not performing. I’m glad these shots out turned out well although not sharp.

A truly wonderful and memorable evening.

I am so grateful for the invite from my friend (wan-Church) to attend the Concert. There were five others from our Church so our friend was well-supported. He sings tenor and it was great to see him up there with the rest of his co-workers sharing in song as well. He works in one of the branches of the John Lewis chain of department stores.

Bravo!...must be happy to stretch their legs after a marathon choral performance.

John Lewis is a big department store chain in the UK. It’s supermarket chain is Waitrose, a stiff competitor of Marks and Spencer, another giant supermarket chain in the UK.

All good things come to an end...

Tickets to the Concert cost £7.00. It was all worth it and a lovely end to a working day.

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