Jom – elicious

Unmistakable sign...

I was first introduced to Jom Makan at the end of 2009 by a colleague. Imagine my surprise to find that I may have passed this restaurant so many times in the past 5 plus years yet never set foot in it until then. Since then I’ve had about 4 lunches and 1 dinner and have also invited friends there. It is located just before the National Portrait Gallery and Trafalgar Square.

Magical dishes emanate from the kitchen...

The food is absolutely delish! It seemed to have improved alot from the first 3 meals I’ve had. I was pleasantly surprised at how tasty and attractive the food is. The service is superb, fast and friendly – how about that. That’s the sort of place I’d love to be.

Great atmosphere...

My favourite mains are beef rendang ( a spicy dish cooked in coconut) – alot of body and absolutely out of this world. The vegetarian curries are loooovely – tasty and inviting. I love the coconut rice. Oh, and the fresh juices – fresh. The dessert – my faves are: coco mango and the exotic cheese cake  – heaven on earth!

Carrot, apple, mango/cucumber, celery - healthy fresh fruit juices...yummy

I reckon with an hour’s lunch each working day, this is the place to meet friends, family and loved ones. Serving wonderful dishes, desserts and drinks, it is difficult to resist trying the many mouth-watering traditional Malaysian dishes. If anyone asks me what I think of Jom Makan, I know one word that sums it up brilliantly: Jom-elicious!

Selamat makan (enjoy your meal).

Beef Rendang...
Rice in coconut...silky and yummy
Creme Caramel ala Jom Makan - signature dessert, I reckon
Coco mango - my favourite...delish!
Exotic cheesecake - mango, passionfruit...delish!

For information on Jom Makan and where to find it, visit:

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