‘Naked’ Trees And The Morning Shift

'naked' trees...beautiful as always

I woke up yesterday morning happy that the sun had once again graced our beloved Middlesex and I knew from the weather forecast that the same will be in central London where I usually hang up my coat for the day at the office. I was most probably happier knowing that Tuesday was the last day in the office for Wednesday is my birthday and I’m going to be on a day’s approved holiday. Yippeee!

Tres magnifique...

I met up with a colleague on the train platform and we travelled together to Green Park tube station. As usual I always kept my faithful Sony T90 Cybershot ready in case I spotted something which of course I myself would have spotted! My colleague was most gracious and allowed me the few seconds, stopping here and there to take a couple of shots of the scenes before us as we trudged towards our respective 8-hour dens in a historic 300-year old building. This is the office by the way, where I hang up my coat for the day from Monday to Friday except when ill with something floating around which had accosted more than one person I know or on approved leave.

Bathed in the rays of the morning sun...

These ‘naked’ trees still look good to me whichever angle I happened to look. They are still as beautiful as when they had leaves. Imagine these trees, relieved of the kilograms of leaves on their branches at this point in time. The transition period between Winter and Spring. They are enjoying their freedom – chillin’ in the morning sun.

Further enroute to the office and taking great care not to be run over by oncoming traffic along St James Street, we saw  these guards on a shift change outside the gates of St James Palace. What a great coincidence.

Just in time to witness the guard shift...

And of course the eternal tourist in me said ‘take a shot’, well all resistence left me and I sheepishly asked my gracious colleague to take a photo of me. My colleague once again graciously obliged and for the first time in 6 years I had my first photo taken with the guards at this station as a backdrop.

What a backdrop...puts a smile on my face...

Wicked! Even after 6 years it was a novelty! That goes to show how the city can grow on you. I always took this scene for granted which of course tourists found interesting and captivating. And to think tha I walk by this place everyday to the office without enjoying this important ‘transition’ between the one guard detail to another.

The face of duty...priceless.

I’ve always wondered whether these guys are properly dressed and warm enough as they stood in the cool morning air. Don’t know how long their detail was…never really asked. I trust they are wearing cashmere or something warm. Hope they are wearing layers…Winter’s not gone completely yet, you know.

Author: islandmeri

Life is a journey which I enjoy. Here I share my passion for helping others, music, ideas, inspiring things, and interesting places and people. It's my cool hangout.

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