My Birthday Treat

I wore this all day...a present from the lady who did my hair. Thank you A.


This is how my special day, Wednesday, 17 March, 2010,  began and ended. 

7.30 am out of bed, charged camera batteries, checked my email and my blog visitors, had breakfast, showered, got dressed, brushed teeth, made up face, stopped at Londis for cakes to celebrate birthday with hair stylists, then to hair salon. Got my hair done in record time and was happy I did my hair midweek. Well, did I come out feeling a million bucks? yes I did! Before I forget, and believe it or not, the girl who was having her hair done too and sat next to me was also celebrating her birthday. In a city of 12 million this is uncanny. She was going to get a tattoo for a birthday treat. Now how about that! Different strokes for different folks. 

After the salon, it was home, dry cleaners to drop off some laundry then yippeeee…off to Westfield Shopping Centre. 

At the local pub, Jamesons (next to the dry cleaners), and true to their Irish roots, the green balloons were out. The feeling of celebration was overpowering –  a real good feeling. 

The green was out...yeeeeaaaah!


Zigzagged through the mid morning traffic! 

Buy British, don't forget, ok...


Considered the biggest shopping centre in Europe, it was a joy to get to the shopping centre and check it out. It is not as large as the Mall of America…but who cares…this is Britain and the scale is just right. It’s a landmark. 

Thinking clothes, jewellery, shoes, handbags, food etc etc


I really did not know what to expect. A colleague who visited here a few months ago told me it was humungous. I could not feel that from this sign outside but that changed when we entered the parking lot…oh my! 

Gi-normous, modern and user-friendly


Took the lifts to the ground floor…my first thought was that we had entered a hotel lobby and were heading towards the reception. Wrong! we had just entered Europe’s largest shopping mall. It was massive. I was really happy that I had ‘decided to spend my day here checking out this huge place. 

Simply amazing


A food island, handy when one is thirsty and hungry


For lunch I was spoilt for choice. I couldn’t make up my mind – I started with hamburger, than fish and chips and finally settled for Vietnamese pho ga…chicken noodle soup. It looked great but tasty? Hmmm, I’m not going to go for it next time. 

It was busy and I was hungry...had pho ga


Hot soup...hit the spot



The wooden/bamboo soup spoon - really cute


The dip for fried spring rolls


Some more photos of the shopping centre…the place is growing. Grow on, grow on, grow on…. 




A floral gazebo


A clothing island...punctuates an otherwise wide sterile shopping corridor


Icecream anyone?


At 6.00pm we exited the shopping centre homeward bound. On the way I reflected on the day. I could have gone to the countryside or some other city outside London but I needed a couple of things and a day for leisurely shopping was my vision of a happy satisfying birthday. No crowds and no rush to return to the office. It was a great decision. 

Homeward was a lovely day


This is my 100th blog! It has been my great joy and pleasure. Thank you all for visiting this site. Your visits encourage and motivate me to write. I enjoy writing about my magic moments and hope that you will continue to drop by so I can share my stories with you. 


Author: islandmeri

Life is a journey which I enjoy. Here I share my passion for helping others, music, ideas, inspiring things, and interesting places and people. It's my cool hangout.

4 thoughts on “My Birthday Treat”

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY….my wan!!!! I am wearing a loud green shirt but lovely with large fragipani blooms on it to celebrate St Patricks Day …and now Your Birthday too.

    May all your wishes come true.

    Take care

    1. Hi EP,

      Thank you for the birthday wishes, my wan. Yes, I bought myself a green top to celebrate the day among other stuff. Trust you had a fantastic St Patrick’s Day celebrations.

      Thanks for visiting.

      Have a great weekend.


  2. Thank you Tyson for your compliments on my post on the Westfield Shopping Centre.

    Yes, the food looks really inviting on paper…hehehe.

    I hope you can visit soon and see for yourself what the WSC has to offer. Try to choose a week day to visit. In that way you don’t have to jostle your way through crowds of people. If you do visit I wish you a lovely day of shopping and eating.


  3. Good to see that you had a fabulous day Mari (I’m feeling hungry all of a sudden). Thanks for sharing it with us and for providing an interesting insight of Westfield. I will definitely be paying it a visit soon with the family.

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