Lithe Limbo Limbs

I spent a day before Valentine’s Day looking around Covent Garden in London just chillin’ and enjoying my day in the city. There were quite a few shows throughout the day and although I did not stay to watch all of them, limbo dancing attracted my attention because there were so many people cheering the dancer and there was music as well which was great. I stayed around long enough to see the dancer go under the bar but missed taking a shot of the end of the limbo when he cleared the bar.

Limbo dancing, one needs lithe limbs...

Limbo is a simple dance which requires the dancer to pass under the bar. It is great with music. One needs to have supple limbs to dance this as can be seen by the dancer in the photo collage above. I remember doing the limbo dance at high school on Friday dance evenings. Those were the days. The video of  David Hasselhoff’s Limbo Dance is what I mean about having music and the whole community participating in the limbo dance or just dancing on the side cheering others on.

I like David Hasselhoff’s limbo dance video because it shows that it is a fun dance which could feature at community gatherings and perhaps at Summer sizzle events. A great dance for all ages. One definitely needs lithe limbs! Not for armchair dancers…no sah!

Author: islandmeri

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