Weirdly Homesick

Warm, cosy and inviting...yeah


Interiors of hotels always hold a great fascination for me. I’ve been in and out of so many different kinds and sizes of hotels throughout many parts of the world. Different hotel rooms and varying degrees of satisfaction and comfort. Some rooms or areas of a hotel have a ‘wow’ factor. Others just drab and dreary. 

The view was absolutely stunning!


When I visited Folkestone I stayed at the Clifton Hotel near the sea. One of the reasons I stayed there was that it was near the sea and the other was that it looked like a place steeped in rich history. I love history especially the great illustrious events and beautiful bits and pieces in the stories that are related through books and TV programmes etc. 

At the hotel on this Saturday afternoon, I headed upstairs and as I turned towards my room the place felt strangely familiar. That was because it reminded me so much of the mission houses on Kwato Island, Milne Bay Province, PNG where I grew up. All of these houses had staircases and stunning views of the ocean.  

Reminded me of the grand rooms of the 'Big House' on Kwato Island.


The Clifton Hotel was built in 1864 and is a traditional Victorian hotel which graces the Folkestone Leas. A grand landmark looking out to sea. It has over fifty rooms and I was fortunate to have a room with a gorgeous sea view. I loved it! High ceiling and spacious. What more can a person ask for. Pure luxury. 

A beautiful staircase...


I was really moved as I walked around the lounge area and the staircase on the Sunday afternoon. In the afternoon sunlight the place was warm, cosy and friendly. I felt weirdly homesick. I really did. Isi kapore….

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