Café Au Lait, Mes Amis?

Like pretty maids all in a row...

I love milk – skimmed milk. I use it on breakfast cereals, omelettes, sometimes on porridge, scones, and a number of desserts. I saw these milk bottles lined up along the window sill of one of the eateries near the office. I walked past and had to double back to take a shot. It was a novelty to see milk bottles left outside a restaurant or on a window sill in the arcade. Unusual isn’t it?

I’ve never seen anything like this anywhere I’ve been to. I found the line up of milk bottles interesting and cute. I wondered why someone would leave nineteen (?) bottles of milk at the mercy of the elements, and an invitation to sticky fingers! I wondered if the bottles were left out there for a couple of hours or over a few days. I wondered whether someone would call health inspectors who would question why these perishable items were left out in a thoroughfare. I wondered whether standards for the transportation of food are so low so that although left outside the restaurant door for sometime the milk would still be used. Was the delivery company careless in this case, and should this kind of behaviour be tolerated? I didn’t want to think about it that way and took my shot.

If anything, as I walked towards the office I couldn’t help thinking that there is still great respect for other people’s belongings even when it’s out like that on public display. Somehow deep down I felt that no matter how long the milk bottles were out there, it was a clear demonstration of the trusting nature of people who operated the small shops along the arcade.  Hmmm…there is confidence in humanity yet, wherever you go and wherever you are!

Cafe au lait, non?

I was amazed that one could walk through a public thoroughfare and see bottles of milk left outside an eatery. Just like that. If this were in another place, one that I am familiar with, there wouldn’t be a single bottle of milk left within a few minutes of being left alone especially if it were during a time when not many people were walking through the arcade. Yes, a bottle or two would have been nicked. No doubt about that!

The picture of these bottles was cute, spoke volumes about human nature – respect and honesty on one hand, and on the other prosperity and a deep sense of wellbeing so much so that milk, for some people – a staple, was left untouched in a public place. It was a great thought to  start my day off at the office.

So café au lait, mes amis?

Author: islandmeri

Life is a journey which I enjoy. Here I share my passion for helping others, music, ideas, inspiring things, and interesting places and people. It's my cool hangout.

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