Two Scoops Of Heaven…

Two delicious scoops of pistachio kulfi. Absolutely mouth-watering...

Introducing the heavenly kulfi.

An Indian icecream made from pistachio nuts. I found out there are other flavours as well – almonds, mango etc – I guess whatever takes the maker’s fancy. This is now my favourite dessert. I have only ever tasted it at the ‘Blue Ginger’ one of my favourite Indian Oriental restaurants in Kenton, Middlesex.

One Sunday a close friend and colleague joined me for the morning service at my Church and after the service we drove to the Blue Ginger restaurant for lunch. It was a wonderful service and here at Blue Ginger it is always the food and non-alcoholic cocktails or mocktails that beckon me to return. Fast forward…after the main course we decided to order dessert. I’ve never had dessert here but since this was a rather special Sunday lunch I thought it was an occasion to try something different and exotic this being a combined Indian Oriental restaurant. I didn’t need to have my arms twisted to have dessert.  Looking at the dessert menu, the name kulfi jumped out at me. Go for it my head and heart screamed out! Kulfi ticked all the right boxes for me, different, exotic and hopefully creeeeeaaamy…

Kulfi shared is enjoyment shared...

Ok, ok! I didn’t order it just like that. I asked the waiter for his recommendation, knowing in my heart that whatever he recommended would’ve made no difference if it weren’t  kulfi. Well, was it coincidence or what? He said ‘kulfi’ and that he had a couple of flavours. One of the flavours was pistachio. That did it! I didn’t hesitate, I practically yelled, politely though, pistachio kulfi.

The waiter went off with the order whilst we contemplated what this new exotic dessert was going to taste like. Sometimes the dessert does not live up to  expectations and I would leave an eatery wondering why I ever bothered to have ordered dessert let alone have dessert at all. Actually I had no expectations  of the kulfi I ordered, just anticipation for something different and exotic and hopefully creamy. No sooner had we stopped talking about it and other Indian desserts we know especially the edible silver paper…that’s right edible silver paper in some of their desserts, then the kulfi arrived.

Wow! Wicked! Cool light peppermint green. It was a vision in cream, mais oui.

You can imagine what happened next. I practically inhaled my kulfi. It was my two scoops of heaven, without a doubt!

How to make kulfi icecream. I surfed the web for possible kulfi recipes and I settled on this recipe at: because it looks easier to make.  I want to be able to make my own pistachio kulfi for a dinner party sometime in the not too distant future. 

Author: islandmeri

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