The Morning After

I woke up to this...what a contrast from the day before yesterday

This was how it looked the morning after the snow blizzard of the day before yesterday. I was quite excited about taking photos of the morning after. With the sun outside, but cold nonetheless, I left for work determined I was going to find the shots in every tree, every street, practically anywhere. The following shots are my shots of the morning after. Mind you,  I was on my way to the office so the photos taken are limited to the route I took to the office.

Trees in Green Park

This I found out took me through what felt like breaking glass. Ugh! I realised in my excitement to take photos in the park that I was slap bang in the middle of it with parts of it cordoned off because of the treacherous conditions of the footpath. I had to be careful with ice on the ground. I knew I had to make the most of it whilst in the middle of the park making sure I trod on parts of the footpaths still with powdery snow – fewer than I thought.

Pigeons, they didn't have to walk on icy pathways - Green Park

Yes, it was like stepping on glass that was breaking underfoot and slippery. I realise I had better find the parts of the path that still had the soft snow…now that was one hell of a hunt! After taking my photos I headed for the main drag through the park. On the walk to the office, I ran into a colleague and all we could talk about for the first 10 mins was the icy conditions of the roads. After this the next favourite topic – what we did for Christmas and New Year’s.

Captured this through wrought iron gates.

From the comfort of my heated office I looked out of the window at the scenery below and around. At lunchtime the sun was still there! I was expecting the onslaught of another snowy deluge…it was not to be.

From a room with a view...
A fan made of tree branches
A lost 'Swan Lake' ballerina?

Being from the tropics, one important thing I’ve learnt, and this is only the second time we’ve had a snow blizzard in London, is that on the next day like clockwork, the snow on the roads and pathways turns into ice. So the best thing to do is to anticipate this happening and invest in a pair of good boots which have good traction and warm. A pair of Wellington boots should do the trick. I picked up a pair of boots in Canada two years ago and so far my best protection against icy conditions.  The trick is to tread carefully and pay attention to where you are going.  Keep your wits about you and you’re sure to enjoy the morning after a snow blizzard. I did.

Snow survivor - a flowering plant in the office gardens

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