Lights On, London! You Beauty!

The Christmas Carol brings on the spirit of Christmas 2009

I’ve almost forgotten what central London looks like at Christmastime since I moved to north London. The lights on Oxford and Regent Streets are absolutely gorgeous. I’ve totally forgotten how these lights really bring on the spirit of the season. I was in London for a spot of last minute shopping and what a joy it was to walk out of the shops and see the lights on the main street.

Wondered about the credit crunch...

Lights above and the shopping crowd below – makes one wonder if the credit crunch has gone away or just that the Christmas spirit is so strong in the city people will risk life and limb to shop for Christmas gifts. Although I try to avoid the shopping crowds I am amazed at how Christmas makes everything else a triviality. Was Christmas meant to create a feeling of well-being immune to economic reality that continues to besiege businesses – large and small? The influence of Christmas is definitely overwhelming!

Stunning umbrellas 'ellas 'ellas...

Looking back towards Oxford Street just past John Lewis department store, I caught my breath. Whoever thought of umbrellas of lights must be a true Londoner – never leave home without a brolly. Umbrellas are synonymous with London – it can rain at anytime so always be prepared. What a stunning theme! Breathtakingly beautiful.

A massive gift-wrapped pressie - a gentle reminder?

Despite the credit crunch the shopping crowds were out and into every store standing on the main street. The massive wrapped pressie symbolises the priority of the season for lots of people and it gets one wondering that no matter what happens – credit crunch or no credit crunch, people can still celebrate the season.

Hammock of light?

Walking down towards Regent Street above us was this massive hanging blanket of lights – hammock or a magic carpet of lights? Can’t work out what it is on it’s own. Don’t know what the theme is here but it is awesome.

Looking down the main street - fishing nets in lights?

Closer to home in Middlesex I realise that the lights of London compensate for the dark, cold streets in Winter. My photos of the lights in central London reminds me of yet another festive Christmas season. Once again, London says it with lights, in style!

Author: islandmeri

Life is a journey which I enjoy. Here I share my passion for helping others, music, ideas, inspiring things, and interesting places and people. It's my cool hangout.

3 thoughts on “Lights On, London! You Beauty!”

  1. These are such beautiful photographs. I have just discovered your webpage and also found your write up comments about Hailans to Ailans and Cathy Kata’s bilum wear. I was very involved in that exhibition and so appreciate your comments and that both events were very meaningful to you. The PNG artists were so proud that the opening of Hailans to Ailans was so well attended. It would be even greater if the art work sold well. Unfortunately, the global depression has hurt the sale of art. I have signed up to enjoy more of your postings and beautiful photographs. Best wishes for the New Year. We are buried in snow here in Boston, as well.
    Pamela R

    1. Hi Pamela,

      I am so glad you discovered my blog and signed up for more postings. It occupies the weekends and some evenings. So nice to be able to show off my photos and write about stuff that moves me. Makes life even more enjoyable and educational here in the UK. I do enjoy blogging (since July 2009) and am so glad I don’t have to do it as a job. I was inspired by IT colleagues here at ComSec by encouraging us to blog and voila! the rest is history.

      I recall that we had a great discussion about the possibilities of fundraising for PNG artists to enter their works in arts exhibitions around the world – strategically, of course. Yes, I can understand the situation of slow art sales due to the financial crisis but we all hope for a big change in attitude towards art, so people can indulge their passion financially as well.

      Best wishes for the New Year.


      1. Let’s hope that attitudes towards the arts change. They are far more than icing on the cake. What is very important is to draw on all our networks so we can combine efforts. This is now starting to happen with very positive results. It was great to meet you and to have the support of HE Jean Kekedo. She reminded me that her late husband had played a seminal role in supporting the development of contemporary art in PNG, including the national arts school when it supported “grassroots” artists and students entering with a high school education.
        I hope we can meet again when I get back to the UK. Rebecca Hossack and I may give a paper at the ESO conference at St. Andrews in July because Hailans to Ailans (at least a selected number of works) are going to be on display there.
        Best wishes for the New Year and I look forward to seeing many more of your beautiful photos. Wish I had your eye!!

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